Unnecessary Flagging

I 100% agree with you @ColonelJeff!

Again, if someone flagged you, it was confirmed by a moderator as necessary. So if you have an issue with a specific flag, feel free to contact one of us.


How many flags are needed for a comment to be taken down exactly? It also depends on the type of comment I assume.

Do you mean by us or the system?

Both. I guess the system has some predefined words that’ll trigger an automatic flag.

I don’t think so. We get notified if there has been a large number of flags on a post or comment (3-5 I can’t remember exactly) because the system temporarily hides them.

With other flags, we can technically flag a comment outselves and use a ‘take action’ button agree with it straight away (we rarely do this). Apart from that is any number of flags


Philippe changed it a while ago to 5 flags for it to automatically be hidden. As for the take action button, I never use it, I just flag something and confirm it myself haha