Unnecessary Flagging

Hello fellow forum users.

Today I’m here to talk about something that is commonly used in this forum- flagging oh the beauty of it all.

Flagging should be used to clean up the forum. It should be used to flush the toilet or whatever @Maxmustang was on about.

But you need to think before you flag.

Remember. Toilet disinfectants remove 99% of the bacteria - wait, that was a bad quote removes line

Anyway. Back to the subject, before I get flagged.

Flagging should be used to clean up the forum, but don’t be a repeat flagger.

If you see a comment on a topic. A short one, that specifically says ‘Sorry this is a bit of topic’ don’t flag it, the poster is clearing just trying to get a quick statement across.

I made this post, because before when I’ve seen someone go (example)

’Hey, did you see the plane used in Olympus has fallen’

And then someone replies with

’Yeah, the actor did an amazing job’

And they get flagged because they aren’t specifically talking about aviation. But instead of flagging, maybe leave a comment, just a friendly -

’don’t stray off topic buddy’ or

’Hey IF forum user, watch out for disobeying the forum rules, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt today’

It would be all good

rant over (if anyone flags I’ll leave)


There is no need for this, this will get flagged. Just because you go off-topic and say it beforehand doesn’t exempt you from a flag.

Many people forget that all flags get confirmed by a moderator, so if you get a flag, you only know about it because a moderator confirmed it.

We are more lenient with new members, but regulars and members should not be saying random things in the middle of a discussion, like your movie example. This will also get flagged. So if any of you have an issue with a flag, PM a moderator about it and we can sort it out.


Definitely not a issue with flagging - just the continued use of it. There should be a flag limit per day. To make sure people flag the important things

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No, that’s not needed at all, we confirm or deny all of them so it doesn’t matter how many we get. I believe there is a limit though.

Normal users have no idea what gets flagged unless confirmed, so all these “unnecessary flags” were confirmed necessary by a moderator. But again, we are welcome to challenges if you feel we have wrongly confirmed it.


Even though you proved me wrong. I still think people should be aware on there amount of flagging they do daily.

I think the problem is that ppl see flagging as a personal attack. It is not. I personally prefer to see a flag than an endless stream of off topic replies about staying on topic with the argument that it will most likely create.

That being said, the first tool that should be used by seasoned community members is the ability to send a personal message (first option when you hit “flag”) to respectfully tell the person that they might be off topic or disrespectful. It takes time and patience though and we don’t expect ppl to do this everytime.

In the end, it would be best if we could all take a step back, chill, enjoy our common passion here and not take flags as a personal attack. As @Carson said, mods review flags and often dismiss them when they are not justified (and you should praise the awesome work they have been doing).

Above all, please do not discuss moderation action in topics (this thread gets a pass), if you have a question, ask the mods or ask me … we are here to help and make this forum the best it can be.


There is already a limit of flags per user per day (we set it at 10 instead of the default 20 per day). I believe this is a reasonable number.

Given the number of active users on this forum, I don’t think it is as problematic as some ppl want to believe.


Alright. Nobody is having a go at the moderators, what you guys do it immensely appreciated. It’s just more the repeat offenders. I can name a time I will be in a heated debate as such and my replies will be flagged. I’m sure there is no intentional reason behind it. But this always seems to happen with the same people. Anyway, thanks for your reply

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If this happens and you don’t think you deserve a flag, please feel free to PM one of us. Just keep in mind while in a heated debate your posts may come across too persistent and can be interperated as offensive. Please remember that on the Internet, messages can easily be seen in a different light than as intended.


May I just add there is no personal bias involved. To those who don’t know, we have a log of old flags that we all keep any eye on. We essentially moderate each other to make sure we are not being favourable to certain people ((:

EDIT (by Sean): Ahem… @Carson


Thank God for this post. This is EXACTLY how I feel.

Gets flagged for religion remarks and capital letters.


That’s the idea. That’s why O/T posts are flagged and removed

If it’s off topic then it doesn’t belong. Clear cut, razor smooth, however you put it. If it’s off topic, then it doesn’t belong and it will get flagged to eliminate unproductive comments and prevent a topic from being derailed. The lounge is the place for O/T topics and posts.

Personally, this is why I dislike off topic posts:

  1. A topic could potentially go astray and the OPs question is never answered
  2. It defeats the purpose of having a forum for Infinite Flight. Might as well have a chat board
  3. It doesn’t add anything productive, rather it drives the topic astray.
  4. Rules are rules. You can’t say “Sorry I drove 20 [preferred unit of measure] per hour.” and expect the police officer to say “Sure, don’t do it again buddy” or “Hey driver, watch out for disobeying the speed limit. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt today.” and walk away without giving a ticket. You can’t just go around breaking rules and expect to get away with it. Only the moderators and developers have the special privileges around here.

If I go off topic, then I deserve to get flagged whether I like it or not. If Tom, Dick, or Harry get flagged for being off topic, then they deserve it too. The type of flagging that is a problem is when a post is mis-flagged (For ex. a clean off topic post being reported as inappropriate) or if someone unjustifiably spam flags another user for whatever personal issues.

And assuming you were referencing that flagged post you have with the Aston Martin DB9 or something, cars have absolutely nothing to do with Infinite Flight. In the lounge, sure there are car topics, but not in an aviation topic.


@Carson… A Flush I say a Flush! LoL, Max Sends


It wasn’t about the car. That was off topic. That sorta deserved a flag.

But to be honest, you Say about police officers not giving out tickets, but that happens often. The officer sometimes won’t give a ticket because of the exact reason.

Your point is invalid, at least the police man one is.

Remind me- what’s the lounge ?

Its the illuminati. JK

Its a category limited to only TL3 and above. You are currently at TL2.

The ‘wise’ 92! :)

Well, in UK drivers will flash others if a cop is hiding - however, now its illegal, but its like the prohibition, the officers tend to be the ones speeding, illegally in their own cars.

Guess thats why our death rate on roads is soaring up :/

Nice and on topic there guys


Bumping this due to the fact someone is flagging me.


Why do people feel the need to flag people for no or little reason…

The post in mind was the exact same as another post right before it.

Honestly, the forum needs to be cleared up, but lets not remove the uniqueness and personality from our topics