Unnecesary Report

I was flying from LPPT to GMMN today 06/04, as soon as i reached 28k ft i was on overspeed and i got the first notice saying about the overspeed i reduce speed to 0.85 and the notice kept there so i figured out that the live server crashed so i wait around 3 mins to see if it get fix, after 3 mins i decided to end the flight and then it says that i have 7 days of violation because of the overspeed, that was not my fault.
I need help!

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It’s not exactly a report first of all.

Second of all, violations don’t get removed unless it is an issue with the app itself.


In this case, it appears to have been of the app itself.

I would contact a staff member (I won’t tag them, out of IFC etiquette), and they can likely remove it for you.

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@lenin_stanley… MaxSez: Welcome to the Community LOL. No Gripe here, Pilot Error “You gotta Scan all instruments to include the system block in the right hand upper corner of the flight screen. It would have indicated a “Red” Warning of a server loss, no Red no system loss.
You where to fast my friend and the system bit ya with a violation which also gave you a Master Warning first which ment slow down quick, just disconnect AutoPilot and pull up to bleed off speed fast.

Take your week of and Grade Loss as a “Lesson Learned”. Watch that speed next time, gotta Scan continually.
Good Luck next time your in cruise stay ahead of the Plane always.
Max, it’s always the man rarely the machine!


What aircraft were you flying?

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