Unmarked 767s at Dulles

Hello. I’ve been at Dulles airport (KIAD) many times, and I’ve seen two Boeing 767s across from the B Concourse. They have the registrations N441AX and N423AX. I think I’ve seen them on Flightradar24 and they usually fly to Bucharest (BBU) and then to Kabul, and vise versa. My guess is they carry US Troops, because the callsign is “Blocked” on FR24. I thought someone here may know more about these planes.

Go to www.faa.gov and check the airplanes registration and it’s owner.

They are owned by Omni Air International, and transport US troops overseas.


Thanks. How did you find that out? (Sorry for the late reply btw)

If you search the registration on the FAA, it can give you information on the aircraft owner, etc.


They belong to Omni Air if their registration ends in AX. I don’t think they’re cargo, because they have windows on the fuselage, and they’re not in the cargo ramp area of KIAD.

Yep they are owned by Omni, because I saw those two 767’s sitting at NAS JAX last summer bringing home the VPN-30 squadron from there deployment overseas (along with a United 764)

Did the planes look something like this?

Could be a private jet

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