Unlisted Option on Posts

Hi Guys!

So this has been a feature that I thought would come in handy many times…

I shall explain: So this is a request/idea for an option of making a Topic “Un-listed”. Un-listed would basically mean when you make a Topic such as a Feature Request it can only be seen by the original writer.

Well, what is the point of this Mr Pancake?

Ok, imagine you were making a feature request for adding an aircraft in. However, you want to practice making the request look nice, make sure there are no mistakes and play around with tools in the tool bar of the post, before you finally decide to post it… It’s a kind of “draft copy” I guess you could say…

Below I have included a screen shot from another forum I use (simpleplanes.com) which includes the option before you upload a post to make it either, “Public” OR “Un-listed”. Un-listed being the Draft/Beta before you decide to post it publicly. SP (SimplePlanes) also enables the original user to tag other users into the post.

(SP is a app that lets you build planes, as you can see this is a bad attempt with poor spelling :)) In the top right corner you can see it shows as “Un-listed”


All in all its basically a Direct Message but with the features that are in making a topic…

Sorry if this is confusing, if you don’t understand, just ask and i will try to make it more clear to you.

-Cheers Pancake :)


Isn’t this the exact same thing as the post preview on the right side of your screen?

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No, well, similar. However, you can “post” it and edit it without it being seen. I can see what you mean though…

I would find that making an un-listed topic would enable far more options and time with making a post.

Here are my 2 cents:

Use what your teacher taught you and elementary school and proofread before you post something important - or better yet send it to a fellow regular and they would be glad to give you their opinion.

I think moderators sometimes unlist open topics, allow us to make changes, then we can post them again.

I also fear if this were to be implemented it would be abused - hence why we have moderators.

Flag it if you want us to unlist something.

Otherwise we are at the mercy of the discourse developers.


Yes, but its basically a Direct Message but in the form of a post. You could tag a mod to pre-view the post before you even posted it. Saving the hassle of posting and then having to edit it all…

So use a google document and edit it.

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Ok, but can you un-list and then ‘re-list’???

Although this would be a nice option, it isn’t really nessecary as you have post preview which is similar.

Google document doesn’t share all discourse features…

They did it for me:

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I wouldn’t have suggested it if we couldn’t.

Now we aren’t going to do it for every thread. It comes in handy for larger posts. You can always save it to a text file and use it later.

Bottom line this is the wrong forum to request a forum feature.

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You can create a dm with only yourself before posting.

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Right, so you made the post, asked for it to be unlisted, did more stuff to it to make sure it was all good and then re-listed it for all of us to see???

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NVM i just had a look you can…

Yes. We did. Why are you questioning every response?


I’m not trying to give everyone a hard time Chris I’m just unsure

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