Unleveled terrain bug

So I was descending into YPAD tonight and my plane hit the ‘ground’ while I was still in the air. Image below;

Device details:
iPad Air
iOS 11.1
Latest IF version


  • my connection dropped out a few times during the flight, however at that point in time my connection was working normally and terrain streamed normally
  • I was unable to reproduce the bug

Just want to know if anyone else has experienced this or something similar?

I think the key note in your thread is the fact that you mentioned that your connection dropped out a few times.

We have seen some support topics recently with issues similar to this and most if not all were a result of device memory or Internet connectivity issues. I wouldn’t be alarmed. Make sure you have a strong internet connection, keep your RAM cache free for Infinite Flight and restart the app/device in between flights to keep everything fresh.

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Thank you for your explanation…that makes sense :)