It might have been asked before but what does unknown mean on ATC radar

It’s usually caused by a connection issue on the other side.
Best option for you as a controller is to work around them to the best of your ability. That’s what we do on the Expert Server.


Thanks…I don’t want my pilots to think I’m ignoring them

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I know, it’s a pain when it happens. Fortunately the amount of Unknowns seems to have decreased lately… hopefully it’ll continue and the problem will disappear.


For some reason it only seems to be happening with like the Cessna planes for me all the big boys are taken care of

Unknowns will show as the Cessna/ light aircraft Logo. You can judge aircraft type by speed/altitude

Make some good screenshots though, in case you get questions later from a pilot who wondered why nobody would reply to him.

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MaxSez: Unknowns could also be an Alfa/Beta Test Flight. FDS Flight Testing of new models is done clandestinely.

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Naah, almost true.
We would show up with an Unknown aircraft, but our callsigns & display names would show up :)

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