Unknown Violations

A few minutes ago I started a flight from KPSP - KLAX on the TS1 server in a Citation X callsign N555TK. On climb out, I something came up and I had to end flight. I just came back to restart the flight but noticed I had somehow gotten 5 violations the past 24 hours on my statistics sheet. This was not from Citation flight (I barely made it up to cruise at a steady 240KTS before quitting) nor the other two flights, one of which on casual server, I did earlier today. I’ve only had 1 violation ever as of 9 hours ago. @anon66442947 can confirm this.

My question is where did these 5 violations come from? How can they be removed?

I am using iPad Air 2 with iOS 10


Same thing happened to me a while ago…

Noticed these violations also bumped me down a grade. If a developer or someone with access to logs can reach out to me it would be appreciated. Violations popping up like this shouldn’t be happening out of the blue.


You just have to sit them out. I believe this is a known issue

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