Unknown violations

So I was doing a short hop on the training server and when I landed i went to my grade and saw 3 new violations for aerobatics and at no point was I doing any aerobatics Is there a way to get rid of these please help.image

No way to get rid of them.

Without seeing your flight, no one has the ability to tell why you got them.

Hello Sashaz,

Sadly, these violations will most likely not be removed due to the fact that they are system generated and based on certain ingame factors. Did you by chance stall out and crash, as that may have also caused you to gain these violations?

I did leave the game but I did not crash.

Did you go to the menu and click “End Flight” or did you just exit out of the app?
I will also point out that there is no landing airport ICAO code so it appears you didn’t land at an airport

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Yes I didn’t land because I had to leave and couldn’t fly anymore. I might not have clicked end flight though

You said you landed though?

No i did not land

That would be why. If you just exit out of the app, the app continues running, and that is likely why you received these violations. These are likely not going to be removed due to the fact that in this case, it was user error, for not properly ending the flight. To prevent this in the future, please click end flight, instead of exiting the app. Thanks!

Thanks for your help

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why put that then?

No problem, have a great time flying!

I meant when I landed after my next flight i that’s when I looked at my log book

Hmm okay… do you want Sebastian to look at your flight and see what went wrong and to possobly remove those violations?

No it’s fine

Okay then I’ll consider this thread closed :)

What went wrong was probably just taking a nosedive because end flight wasn’t part of the equation.

But, anyway, someone is going to need your display name, callsign, something. They have to be able to find your flight if you want even a chance.

No it’s fine I will deal with them