Unknown violations?

I was a Grade 3 and I only got 2 violations and know I have 8 violations in 7 days and 5 in 24 hours and im now.down to.a grade 1.


Check your logbook :) You can see in which flights you’ve received these violations and for what in there.


Thank you so much because the dash was low on speed so I put more speed to.climb and then suddenly it said overspeed and then 6 violations so how do I get to a grade 3 again will probably struggle.alot.

you simply just wait and in 7 days you’ll be back to grade 3

Im so stressed thank you for the help so I just fly on casual till the 7 days are done then it will be back again appreciate the help guys😁


Yeah but it’s a good idea to try to follow the rules on casual too so you don’t get into bad habits.

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True, however I do sometimes have the odd day where I muck about with a F-22😂 but be careful

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Here is what to do when you get Violated or Reported

I hope it helps :)