Unknown Violations

Okay so, I had departed from a city in China and was headed for Boston. I had been on autopilot/nav for around 1.5 hours. I had come back to my phone right before I was about to go to sleep to check on it, it had said I had crashed and gotten 6 violations which kicked me back to grade 1. I have no idea how I crashed, maybe someone bumped it, but all I know is that I had no idea that I was falling through FL10 and that I was above 250 knots and got those violations. Is there ANY way I can get these revoked?

Thank you guys!

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This has happened to me before… My suggestion is if you were sleeping keep your phone away from your bed because I’ve tried to do this before except it was CYYZ-OMDB and I sort of accidentally slapped my AP off well I was sleeping…

Twice this happened.

You also might’ve been going to slow and with the winds it could’ve also caused your plane to stall, and then dive into the ocean…

Weird thing is that it was not near my bed, it was actually on my piano so that no one would get close (no one really gets close to my piano because no one else plays). Thanks for the reply though!

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Do you remember how fast you were going and what FL you were at?

I was climbing at 3500 fpm to FL320 and 310 knots. This is normal and works every time. Winds were 7-10 at 170 (I was headed at 182).

3500FPM is very steep… What aircraft?

Boeing 777 300er, 3500 works every time at 310 knots just below MTOW.

Did you have max fuel in the aircraft?

I believe it was at 85%

Doubt that would’ve been a problem… When this happened to me I crashed around 4hours into it each time, both times right over about Iceland. The plane could’ve been going to slow… 310Knots Airspeed or Ground speed? And was 310Knots the speed you were cruising at?

310 knots in the speedometer to the right of the PWR slider (airspeed). I believe someone bumped it for maybe water got on it. Very disappointed because I don’t want to endure casual server.

I know Casual Server is pretty annoying 🙄 When this did happen to me though I had a long discussion with others about this and I basically realized that I had to of slapped my phone or something and turned off my AP… I’m sure someone must of touched your phone, just try not to leave it unwatched… If I were you I would watch my flight atleast until you have hit cruising altitude, but it never hurts to just wait a couple extra minutes to make sure everything is running smooth and nothing bad like what happened to you will happen 😉 Best of luck to you on the Casual Server… (those violations will be gone before you know it… Don’t let it bother you!)

Thanks man! just seeing people taking off on taxiways hurts my eyes.

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IKR… Best of luck!

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In short, no, they will not be removed: