Unknown violations.

I just got onto infinite flight this morning to see that I’m grade 3 and got 2 violations.

I don’t remember overspeeding on ground or in the air.

A very easy thing, you can not be ghosted for doing nothing ;-) You’ve done something wrong and you have to admit it to don’t reproduce it next time ;-)


But I don’t know what I did wrong.

This post will help you :

I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t over speeding.

He wasn’t ghosted he got violations


Oh I’m sorry, will correct the message now ;-)

I did not overspeed, I always follow instructions. How else can you get violations?

Check now this :

and you’ll see if you’ve done something wrong.


Hmm… maybe the acrobatics. I was in a CRJ and I turned off autopilot and the plane instantly started to climb then I stalled and flipped around… could this be the case?

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This is the case actually ;-) As I’ve told you, you can not get violations “like that” ;-)

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Oh. 😞 So this isn’t a ghost?

Happens to most everyone at some point. Just be thankful you’re still at least a Grade 3…

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No this isn’t a ghost, it’s a violation and you were demoted to Grade 3.

Great good 😅

You’re welcome! Let us know if you need help ;-)

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It’s annoying I know. But at least you can still acces expert server, and it’s not a demotion to grade 2.

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You worded that wrong. Lol.

“You cannot be ghosted for doing nothing” is what you meant to say. :)


Corrected! Thanks for your correction I really appreciate ;-)

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How can you honestly come on here, creating a whole thread, asking and questioning why you got violations (as if they weren’t justified) when you knew full well (and didn’t tell anyone) that you ‘stalled and flipped a CRJ’… doesn’t take a genius…