Unknown violations, how did I get them?

Hey guys. so i wanted to ask: i woke on my flight and when i landed i had 4 violations that i didn’t know about my plane was perfectly normal (no crash what so ever). It pisses me off that now i’m grade 2 again, and i’m not even aware of the cause of the violations. Is there any way to find out more ?
Thanks for the help as always!

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Open Infinite Flight, go to ‘Logbook’ and tap the ‘i’ to see more info about your violations.


thanks for that. one more question, my 4 violations were over speeding, how come i always check to fly under the limit(the limit was 349kts to i flew at 340kts at 27000ft) what could probably made the plane overspeed for like a few minutes than get back 340kts ?

Around that alt is when the airspeed lowers, but it should make that ding ding ding ding OVERSPEED sound…

well yes i understand but the thing i started for 30 mins everything was great no overspeed then slept and woke up to the 4 violations

One thing to help you is to contact a moderator

340 knots is way too fast for cruise. Some gusty wind could have easily caused the overspeeding. Make sure you cruise at a safe speed next time. There’s rarely a need to go above 320 knots at that altitude.

Also, it never hurts to stay near your device (then you’ll be alerted of this sort of thing), although I know in this situation you were asleep. Control is unfortunately something you have to sacrifice when you leave your device alone.


Got it! thank you so much, now i know for next time.

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No worries! If you want any more clarification on the sort feel free to message me.


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