Unknown Violation

Hi there !
I have just noticed something strange on my flight profile, in LiveFlight I have Grade 2, although in IF I have Grade 3, next is violation level 2 from 15/06/20 described taxiing through others, but I don’t remember situation like this, I have 4 replays from this day and I can’t see any informations about violation in none of them… Can you explain me this ?


Hi! Can you go into your logbook and retrieve the name of the controller that reported you?

As for LiveFlight, the new grade requirements most likely haven’t been updated, so it reads your status as Grade 2.

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Please pm @appeals with more info! It should help!

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Yes, thanks !
It was IFATC Babacar

Your controller was @Babacar! Please PM him


This will be handled via PM topic can be now closed.
Thanks all