Unknown violation.

Hi everyone.
I was going through my old violations in the log book and found one that says unknown violation. I’m not asking for it to be removed or anything like that. Just wondering if anyone could shed any light on it. Thank you.


Odd one… what is your callsign + display name and we’ll see if it says something different on our end? :)

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Hi mate. It was back in May 2017 but I think my callsign would of been G-JER08 and my display name was JerseyAnt.

There’s a shot of it in the list.

I wish there was a field when it says you got a violation what you’re callsign and display name were😉

What you had then is irrelevant :)

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That’s true as they come off after a year 🤪

I’m also interested in this, so could we have the current callsign and display name?

And also, who calls Schyllberg “Mate?”😂


Only the brave call him ‘mate’ :)
Current Display name is IFC - JerseyAnt FDXVA
Current callsign I’m using right now is FedEx 10

Unfortunately I can’t see them. They’re too old and you’ve received a few too many since these ones :(

That’s ok no worries. Thanks anyway though.

You can close it now @schyllberg thanks again