Unknown sign appearing on planes

Does anyone facing the problem as I do today?I was controlling the ATC on playground server in knuc,suddenly the planes shows unknown signs and you can’t contact them,even when I fly today the unknown signs for the other planes thing appears many times,can someone explain what’s going on please?

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Yes I have the same problem.

Me too, but now it seems to be ok at KNUC ATC Control panel

It is quite unstable right now:(
But it was worked few minutes ago

Yes I saw you on the tower in knuc,the problem is everywhere,mostly the planes shows unknown sign,probably the connection of the server,I’m not sure.


Yeah. I do try to organize traffic but you know there is unstable issue and I can’t control traffic as usual, but looks like I’m lucky that there were no ridiculous bad pilots near by KNUC haha:)
I hopefully it’s going to fixed right away in real aviation but it’s should be as soon as possible for IF.

I just wonder that why don’t you move your category to bugs to makes people easy to recognize?
And might be developers gonna see and fix as soon as they saw this topic.

By the way which one are you using ADSL/VDSL/FIBER for Internet?
Never mind if you don’t know.

Mine is Fiber.

Seems like advanced server works fine, only playground breaks down

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Yes advance server is fine, happen once or twice but playground server its maximum kiosk.

Happens to me rarely.

It is still happening Lauren’s,can u just try to run an ATC on knuc or ksan and see what’s going on,that’s why today u hardly see anybody on ATC on playground server

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Use my vote topic to help:)

This mainly happens during connection problems for me, pretty rarely though.

Sometimes single airplanes are being shown as “UNK - Unknown”, this is caused by connecting problems on the pilot’s side most likely.