Unknown Sighting

So to make this short

I was flying on Amsterdam this morning and i saw this weird unknown aircraft. At first I was like," this must be a person having unknown as there name". Until I checked what aircraft it was and that said unknown. I saw and that person was having no connection issues. So I’m thinking maybe this person got ghosted or something. Can anyone clarify why it was unknown?


When ghosted your plane doesn’t show to others in the map.
Maybe its the CIA.


Fairly sure it’s when they get ghosted.

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That’s what I’m thinking. Because this person had a normal flight plan. but who knows. still need more evidence.

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As this guy should’ve been as well…


Not on casual.

UNKNOWN happens for various reasons. Communication issues or server issues are the more likely culprit. I think this past Sunday we had planes all changing to unknown for no reason and needed to reboot the server.

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Happens from time to time. It’s a server issue. There’s nothing wrong, just a mis connection between you and the server for that aircraft. Other people see that aircraft like normal, and other people’s Unknowns are normal for you. Sadly happens for ATC too, which means we can’t control them

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Perhaps an out of region plane?

No. I don’t think it has anything to do with that. Some times happens right out of spawn. Bigger issue for ATC though

As Zach said, it’s just a small glitch. It’s inconsequential for pilots, but we can’t communicate with them as controllers, and we occasionally have to ghost them. The ghost is reversed, of course.

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ok then I’m just wondering. Thanks for clarifying.

Common, I see it a lot, I believe it’s an issue on the other pilots end.

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