“Unknown”showing for display names

Anyone know why every other user I see on live is showing up “Unknown” never had this issue before 🤔

Are you on beta or 20.1?

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It’s new 20.2 anonymous system.

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No not on beta I reinstalled the app and still does it

No need to reinstall the app. If you are on 20.1, unknown means the system can’t get the display name of someone flying on 20.2 Beta, and it also can’t get the IFC (if linked) or user identifier, so it just shows unknown instead

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Player’s who have 20.1 saw Unknown.
This is player from 20.2 but with enabled “stay hidden” feature…
Player’s from 20.2 can saw Unknown too. Because it’s new 20.2 feature.

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In 20.2 IF is getting rid of the the callsigns so you have to link your IFC account to your Infinite flight account in order to have a display name shown to other users you can read about the change here

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Thanks guys

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