Unknown players

Hello I want to ask a question I do not know what happens but for a while there is a problem I do not know if it is. on the servers oh with my account on with all the account but when I start ATC work sometimes when a player enters the server at my airport I am working at ATC I appear as unknown and I can not contact him I can only send him is in my air space oh the tell me if you have permission to take off oh land among others. Today I was landing at EGLL and I communicate and tell him that I was going to enter by track 9R all right until later I ask him if I can descend to 4,500 feet but he does not answer me he only tells me to try to communicate with the one in the space I just go out and communicate with the tower does not tell me I’m in your air space and I keep saying that if I can land on track 9R does not answer me only tells me the same. Apart I also see some airplanes saying unknown was only two oh three who could see them etc his name Grade … if this has happened to the ATC with you flying you have to let the developers know that this is very uncomfortable until you can Reporting to one finally got me down to grade two … The only way I’ve been able to solve it is to leave the game and go back in. I also have to do it at ATC like flying but sometimes it’s very uncomfortable

If you get an unknown, work around them. That’s all you can do.


I hope you find this problem please 😪😭

Oh, I’ve had it multiple times. As long as they continue the flow of traffic, they’re usually isn’t a problem.

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A solution you could try is to turn off WiFi on ypur phone for a couple of seconds and then turn it on again. If that doesn’t help, do what Virus said.

It’s not the controller’s problem. It’s the pilot’s connection that causes them to be unknown.

Oops, my bad.

That confused me…


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