Unknown players and invisible aircrafts

Hello, I recently bought infinite flight online and I don’t see any players and it’s written unknown on top. I already checked the solutions on the internet but nothing changed.
What can I do?

It might be your version. Do you have the latest IF version?

You may have lost connection with the server too


Hello there! There are a couple of reasons that you can’t see other planes.

Are you sure you’ve clicked multiplayer when you tried to play?
If that’s not the problem, check the top right corner, do you see a green checkmark? or is it another color?

If you can tell me what you see I might be able to figure out what the problem is :).

Otherwise you can contact support.


Yes I do. To make sure I even erased et re downloaded the app

Yes I’m in multiplayer because I see the other players, but as unknown and I don’t see their planes. The top right round is green and everything is green when I click on it

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Thanks to everybody for their help. The problem was indeed that I had my VPN on, now everything is fine.

Thank you!