unknown players/aircraft


love the game but I have not been able to see any aircraft’s name. either as atc or me flying. all i see is unkown. I am not banned as a moderator assured me, but rather told it was a known issues, anything in my part i can do, i had purchased the year membership because it was so much fun interacting with other players but now this is taking alot of the experience, please help me. I am willing to work with you guys and maybe fix somethig in my end. Again, thanks for an amazing game.

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It’s probably because they or you lost connection to the server. It happens all the time. Also, it could be a dev testing a new plane.


Do you have the latest version of IF?

@Lewis_Birdie_Avery yes, I do. my account was temporarily blocked and then unblocked after a day or two. this was confirned by an admin. do you think this has something to do with it?

Account here on the community? :)

Ok, I just know that when theres an update and you havent done it some aircraft show as unknown

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