"Unknown" Player, can't send any commands

I’m still getting started with ATC on the Training Server, but I’m having a pretty great time though I am definitely still learning and making mistakes.

Anyhow, I was handling PHTO ground tonight when a player (Air China something, as I recall) showed up as “Unknown” in the control panel, and despite his numerous requests for pushback/taxi, I was unable to issue any commands to him. I know I was still connected because I was able to send commands to other players.

First of all, if you happen to be reading this, Air China pilot who patiently requested taxi/pushback several times, my apologies! I saw you, and I was trying!

Secondly, is there anything I can do in that situation, short of disconnecting and trying again? Thanks, this aspiring controller appreciates feedback! :)


Unfortunately this is a known issue. Advanced ATC have to just ignore them. it isn’t ideal but still.

See unknown players/aircraft

Also in future pls search before posting :)


Roger that, thanks! I actually did see that thread, but thought the problem was him being unable to see all aircraft, while I just couldn’t see one. Anyway, gotcha. Thanks again :)

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