Unknown Planes

I’m facing this issue while controlling on TS where pilots contact me with their requests but I can’t respond to them as they just show up as Unknown

I also have an issue where pilots don’t appear to be receiving my messages as they constantly keep asking for clearance to land/Taxi/pushback, even when I’ve issued a clearance (I don’t receive any acknowledgement either)

I hope this is not a duplicate

Have you tried restarting your device? Might be a good time to reset your router too.

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Yeah. I’ve restarted my device and also reinstalled the app

“Leaving the app or some forms of multitasking will cause a break in connection which also results in becoming UNKNOWN. A constant internet connection is required to use Infinite Flight.” They may have disconnected and reconnected

I suggest resetting your router then. Might be a connection issue on your end. If its one or two planes and not everyone then they probably have an issue in their end.

I’ve a stable internet connection and this happened to me two days ago also

Okay if this is just intermittent then try and work around the unknown aircraft the best you can. Some folks may be on an older build without the latest fixes and improvements.

This happened to me yesterday. I was able to fix by logging out of IF and restarting my device.

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Thanks… Logging out worked for me