Unknown pilot glitch

This was in KSAN on PG. I was hit with a request for landing, I tried to direct the pilot but nothing was there:

I couldn’t click the buttons on the side either.

I calibrated my device and still nothing out of him. Others were fine. They were coming around at the same time when this was happening. Then the pilot disappeared…

Was it a hacker or some glitch?


It happened to me just today I do not know why it happens

Was what was the call sign? It could’ve been a dev.

As you can see in the second picture, it is unknown.
After this:

Then after that, servers crashed or something.

They have a blue tag. Devs aren’t “Unknown”

This is a known issue that happens occasionally. On the advanced server, we allow unknown pilots to proceed normally; however, if they interfere we will ghost them. The ghost will later be reversed.

Yeah, and the mods a purple’ish.

@Nicholas_L I did let him touchdown (since I couldn’t do anything) and for some reason he did a circke and then disappeared or went off my frequency,

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