Unknown Ghosting Reason

Literally, I was just reported and ghosted in the advanced server in Southern Florida for absolutely no reason! I got a notification saying that I was ghosted at the top of my screen. It is not fair to be ghosted just for someone else’s amusement! I used to be Grade 4 and now I’m grade 2 Thanks to the ghosting! Has anyone else been a victim of this? And how long will it be until I will be grade 4 again?


Were you exceeding the 550 kt GS speed limit? Who was the controller?

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I was doing about 300kt at cruising altitude. I don’t know who the controller was because I departed Miami, contacted approach, then requested frequency change because I was departing, and headed towards Tampa. That’s Literally all I did. I saw the notification and ended the flight.

I don’t think it was a controller


What was your call sign and I will look into it for you ?


You don’t? Why?

JetBlue 1 15

Were you heading to Mia or Tpa ?

I was going to Tampa

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Advanced controllers are supposed to know what they’re doing or they shouldn’t be an advanced controller. There won’t be a “report abuse” system towards IFATC members due to the fact all ghostings are recorded by our IFATC moderation team.


Reported = pilots
Ghosted = controllers


Yeah, I was ghosted.

Wait, so we’re you reported, or ghosted?

Then you’ve done something wrong.

That’s not what your title says.

Sorry, I wasn’t sure if reporting or ghosting were the same thing or not at the time. This is the first time this has happened to me.

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I was asking you guys because I’m sure I did nothing wrong unless there was something I was unaware of.

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