'Unknown Error' When Signing In Due to HTTP Version of the Forum


So some people have been receiving an ‘Unknown Error’ when signing in to the forum. This can be resolved by navigating to the HTTPS version of the forum (https://community.infiniteflight.com). I believe this issue is because of a security measure in Discourse, with it not letting you log in over an insecure connection. Below is a screenshot of the issue.


Cheers, Pidge

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It should usually redirect to the https page.
I think clearing cookies/cache also might solve it.

I have been having this issue for at least a month

It happens in Private Browsing mode of Safari as well

Mabey contact one of the staff like: @schyllberg

The main objective of this post was to let people know of the issue, and also to let them know how to fix it. I’m sure a mod has seen it.

We’re aware of it. I’ll check with Discourse about it.

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I enjoy that the solution to the problem is on the site that some unfortunate folk don’t have access to…

Just like the solution to most of my problems sits behind the bank vaults door…

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Well they can still access it and read the topic, just can’t reply or do anything you would do when signed in.

I was trying to be funny… I’ll get back in my box of misery now haha


😂 guess I took it a bit too seriously

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Reached out to Discourse, this is solved now! Thanks guys :)


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