Unknown Crash

I was into my decent into amsterdam after about 5 hours in the air and I was scrolling through the frequencies to tune into the ATIS and approach when the app crashed. I am aware of the crash that happens on long haul flights, but that usually happens after 9+ hours of flying, and this was much less.

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It even crashed on short haul flights (less than 2 hours) several times before


I believe that crash can still happen on shorter flights did you fly over a lot of land?

Although this issue is most frequently with long hauls, it doesn’t necessarily segregate from long and short hauls

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I had not realised it can occur on short flights too

at least I had not experienced it before, and I fly pretty often

Yes it is more common on long hauls but if you flew over land it is more likely to crash when you fly I recommend looking at the sky or look down in cockpit view.

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I understand the whole thing with long haul, but with short haul that really defeats the purpose of having this really nice scenery, if your just looking up at the sky for 5 hours

Or medium haul

Yeah they are working on a fix for the problem they said it should be released in the 20.1 update.

The problem is not with infinite flight it is with the database they use to get the scenery.

I mean, I did a similar length group of flights in one session with the GA aircraft yesterday and there were no problems

It is random sometimes it will be fine other times it will crash it’s 50/50

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Maybe try setting the graphics lower if necessary :)

Probably covered less ground in the GA aircraft so less scenery loaded. Either way I agree that “just looking up at the sky” isn’t an acceptable solution.

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