Unknown Atc Procedure

I got logged out of the server from not following a procedure atc gave me and I didn’t know what to do and I been playing this game for years and never once I have got a atc instruction I never seen before and now I’m back at grade level 2 why is there a need to log me out if I didn’t know what ate wanted especially when I never seen it ever and if you guys agree to log me out how long am I banned for?

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what was the instruction?

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Hey @Bizzy!

I would reach out to the controller who issued you the report and ask them to explain it to you.

If it was a Level 2 violation, you should still have access to the Expert Server unless you’ve had 5 other L2 violations in the past year. If it was a Level 3 violation, you are restricted from the Expert Server for 7 days.

I have I think 5/5 but level 2 I just think it’s unfair to ban me for something I didn’t even know was in the game but I should had never lost access to the sever for that

Just out of curiosity…. If you’ve played for years… how could you not have seen them [procedures] or even heard of them on some tutorial or when reading the IF guides

To be honest I just have learned over the years on what to do with atc and have read the atc guide but it’s something that you won’t see regularly when ur merging into traffic I don’t know it’s just me but I never ever saw that call


As I said to you - contact the controller who issued you the report and discuss it with them.

How do I find their user it was the Princess Juliana Approach Atc I don’t remember the user

check your replay


Hello @Bizzy ,
If you wish to appeal this violation, please PM the @appeals group. Public topics like this don’t benefit either party, so it is best you reach out to the controller or talk to Appeals to get their verdict on it.