Unknown aircraft

When I am controlling an airport and a plane wants to pushback or take off it says unknown aircraft and I can’t help them out and I can’t control them

They are probably on an older build of Infinite Flight (not on version 18.2). Not much you can do other than work around them if possible.

Are you on the latest build of Infinite Flight?


Yes I am I had to redownload the game after I had to change me iCloud account

Sometimes that aircraft could have a network error or you may have a network error

Yeah, it’s tough when this occurs but some folks haven’t updated their app so you may see this on a rare occurrence. They may have network issues or they keep backing in and out of the app which wreaks havoc as well.

Ok thanks for your help

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If you see other aircraft and don’t have any issues communicating with them just the “unknown” then I wouldn’t worry on your end.