"Unknown" aircraft

TS1 - Saturday Feb 25, 20:47Z

Was doing a little ATC work at KSFO and an unknown aircraft enters the field. They seem to have a call sign and stats but I had no buttons available in order to respond. Felt bad as I couldn’t respond but could send others on their way. 45 mins later I get two of them. I’ve only been playing live for about a week or so not sure if this a bug or I missed something

Thanks, Canuck23


This is an on going problem on the ATC end and is on the list of issues that need to be fixed. The expert ATC know the struggle. Just do your best to work around him:)


Just let them be. We have a few of them that hop on the Expert server sometimes.


Didn’t have a choice but to let them be 😜

Thanks Carson

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