Unknown aircraft issue

Hello everyone,

For the last couple of months, I have had this issue of other aircraft being “unknown”.

This is not the only issue, the other issue is when I contact ATC, my messages are broadcast on my device, but I am never getting a reply off ATC, it’s also the same when they give me instructions.

This is all happening when I have a good internet connection, as you can see below.

My device : Huawei p9 lite
OS: Android 7.0

Infinite flight version: 18.01.0 (latest version)

Did you leave the app during the flight?

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No I always leave it flying once started, I do about leaving the app and that causing issues, however I don’t leave the app, so that’s what a bit confusing about this issue

Try this out: Log out of your account, restart your device and log back in. Then do a test flight.

Another possible solution: Go to the application manager (can be found in the settings), search for Infinite Flight, click on “clear/delete data” and reinstall the app. Then do a test flight again.


Ok I’ll do try the second one now, I’ve tried the first one before and it hasn’t worked

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Focus on the communications issue. The part about you seeing other aircrafts as “Unknown” occasionally happen for me too, and it’s usually when they’re pretty far out or have a buggy connection. Not a big issue for you as a pilot :)


Ok, cheers for that. I’m just reinstalling now to see if it will fix the communications issue.

Seems to be working for the time being, thanks to both of you for the help.


Scrap that, not working again😖

Have you tried restarting your router? I know you have a good internet connection, but not all routers, including mine, are perfect.

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I’ve tried that and nothing.

Are you using a VPN?

Standard BT home router and broadband