“unknown” above aircrafts


I spawned into IF on casual server and I see other planes but there is no information, I can see the planes on the map, but i can’t see the type of plane, the name or any other info; it just says “unknown”

Does anyone know what is happening? Are the servers down at all?


this usually happens when you are not connected to the server yet or are just spawning in. The aircraft should show up in a bit


Yeah, but i’ve been spawned for a while, my wifi is fine and refreshed the app.

Look at the top right, there should be a Little circle or connection symbol. Mind telling me how it looks?

everything is green connection is all fine for all

Might just be a server issue then, try respawning, if it doesn’t work just sit tight for a bit.

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yeah i will, thank you for replying though :)

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