Unjustified ghosting

Was just in Klax trying to take off busy time Approx 30 min ago. Callsign United 326. Was ghosted while waiting for takeoff approval at runway. Wish to file a complaint against controller as they allowed two other aircrafts in front of me and then ghosted me for blocking taxiway when in reality I was waiting to take off from the location plane in front of me entered runway. I asked four times for runway clearance and they kept putting planes in front that I had waited longer


First talk to the controller via pm to understand his ghosting. then go to appeals and try to appeal it.

Please contact @appeals

He’s TL0 so can’t PM the controller.

Hi! Can you please check your logbook and tell us the name of your controller? Since you are only TL0, you cannot PM, so we’ll tag them for you.

Oh that makes it a bit harder

Hi, you can send a PM to @ appeals please. Thanks!