Unjustified ghosting

I requested pushback approval with a specific runway , I get the ok for taxig and soonest I started taxing I get ghosted for taxing without permission. That to me is nonsense , and irresponsible ATC groud Crew at abudabi airport.

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At what time in UTC (timezone) were you ghosted?

Can you show the proof? That would help

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Just 5 mnutes ago

@Chitown will contact you to explain why you were ghosted. :)

What proof ? If you can’t fix the problem that allows ATC gohsting pilot’s without reason what proof you talking about.

He means a screenshot from your replay of your ATC log.

I got out of the server soonest I got ghosted

It’s okay. He probably wanted you to share a replay of what happened, but the protocol is to PM the controller. Just contact Chitown like @Trio said. :)

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