Uniting the world with supplies from Memphis @KMEM - 021600ZMAY20

Summary: Let’s fill up Memphis with all those FedEx planes

Server: Expert

Airport: KMEM

Number Attending: 11

Time: 2020-05-02T16:00:00Z

Memphis is the largest cargo airport in the US. It is known as the Mega hub for FedEx with over 400 departures daily. Let’s get every single gate filled up and make IFC history.

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And now the gates!

Concourse C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
C11 CRJ9 Air Canada Toronto-Pearson
C1 A320 Frontier Denver
C2 A320 Allegiant Fort Lauderdale
C4 B738 American Airlines Charlotte
C8 CRJ9 American Airlines Miami
C10 A320 American Airlines Phoenix
C12A CRJ7 American Airlines Chicago
C12B B738 American Airlines Dallas/Fort Worth
C14A A320 United Chicago
C14B B737 United Houston
C16 B738 United Denver
C18 CRJ7 United Newark
Concourse A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
A21 B738 Delta Atlanta
A23 CRJ2 Delta Detroit
A25 B739 Delta Los Angeles
A27 CRJ9 Delta Minneapolis/St. Paul @Red5
A29 B737 Southwest Baltimore
A33 B738 Southwest Houston-Hobby
Concourse B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
B02 B737 Vacation Express Cancun
FBO's and Private Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 CCX KSTL @United2

Contact me for a gate. This is not my actual gate just an example of how it is set up.

Main Apron
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
100 MD11 FedEx Aguadilla
101 C208 FedEx Little Rock
110 C208 FedEx Nashville
111 C208 FedEx Tulsa
112 C208 FedEx Shreveport
113 C208 FedEx Vicksburg
120 B757 FedEx Kansas City
121 B757 FedEx Albany
122 B757 FedEx Allentown
123 B767 FedEx Anchorage
124 B757 FedEx New York (JFK)
125 737BBJ FedEx corporate Oakland
200 MD11 FedEx St. Louis
201 MD10 FedEx Anchorage
202 MD11 FedEx Austin
203 B757 FedEx Atlanta
204 B767 FedEx Atlanta
205 B767 FedEx London-Heathrow
206 MD11 FedEx London-Gatwick
207 MD11 FedEx Chicago-O’hare
208 B757 FedEx Chattanoga
209 MD11 FedEx Tampa
210 B757 FedEx Tallahasse
211 B767 FedEx Calgary
212 B757 FedEx Charleston (SC)
250 B757 FedEx Burbank
251 MD11 FedEx St. Louis
252 MD11 FedEx Grand Rapids
253 B752 FedEx Appleton
254 MD11 FedEx Idianapolis
255 MD11 FedEx Portland (OR) @VehicleRanks
256 B767 FedEx Bogata
257 B767 FedEx Newark
258 MD11 FedEx Norfolk
259 B752 FedEx Denver
260 B752 FedEx Ontario
261 MD11 FedEx Orlando
262 B752 FedEx Providence
350 777F FedEx Dubai @indraniel
355 MD11 FedEx Fort Myers @chuckaule
356 MD11 FedEx London-Heathrow @Branstar_247
357 MD11 FedEx Des Moines
452 MD11 FedEx St. Louis
453 MD11 FedEx Edmonton
454 B767 FedEx Paris-Charles de Gaulle
455 B767 FedEx Shanghai-Pudong
456 B752 FedEx Columbus-Rickenbacker
457 MD11 FedEx San Juan
458 B752 FedEx South Bend
459 MD11 FedEx London-Stansted
460 B767 FedEx Newburgh
461 B752 FedEx Syracuse
462 B767 FedEX St. John (Canada)
650 777F FedEx Seoul-Incheon
652 777F FedEx San Jose
654 777F FedEx Liege
656 777F FedEx Los Angeles
671 777F FedEx Honolulu
673 MD11 FedEx Honolulu @Aloha_Tradin_Co
674 MD11 FedEx Cincinatti
676 777F FedEx Dallas/Fort Worth @Olipsity
679 777F FedEx Paris-Charles de Gualle
750 MD11 FedEx Tijuana
751 DC10 FedEx Fargo
752 B752 FedEx Flint
800 MD11 FedEx Milwaukee
801 MD11 FedEx Jacksonville (FL)
802 B752 FedEx Lubbock
803 MD11 FedEx Montreal-Mirabel
805 777F FedEx Colonge/Bonn
809 777F FedEx Osaka-Kansai @Captainjs

950-956 are FedEx Feeder gates. Let me know if you want one.

FedEx South Apron and Hanger
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot

Will be added if needed.

UPS Apron
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
01 A330F UPS Chicago-O’Hare @GameBoy_KIRB
02 B752 UPS Roanoke
03 B752 UPS Louisville
04 A330F UPS Miami

Let’s try to fill all the gates!

IFATC is likely to be at the event. I am not responsible for ghost or reports. Additional gates will be added if needed.

ATIS will be released day of event


I am aware this is 2 hours before the RJAA event hosted by the regulars. Luckily they are doing waves so they can attend both.

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Do you have permission from Tyler to have ATC? If you are going to say {With IFATC}, it should be for sure. Not something that is misleading.


Yes, we have talked it over

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But doesn’t the Regulars’ event have IFATC? They probably can’t staff 2 events the same day


This is 2 hours prior to it. Unless you get a international flight most of these are under 2 and a half hours. But I may move the date once I get responses in my PM

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But how could you move the event date if it has IFATC?

It’s not. Ask a @LeonardIF18

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Hey can I have Gate 356 to LHR

We’re just trying to make sure this event will be on the IFATC schedule. If it isn’t then IFATC can’t staff it

Yes they can. I had an event at TNCM today with IFATC. @snoman

@Branstar_247 you got it


Our regular event is on April 25, there’s no overlap

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I know it used to be on the 25 so I switched it. Now I am signing up for that one

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I’ll contact Tyler. I think 5 days is fine.

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Whoops, I thought today was the 18th, not the 28th lol. I think it should be fine

Ran out of likes. I like your post.

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I also like your post

Can i take fedex cargo gate 676 to dallas

Yes, you got it

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Lemme get 355 to Fort Myers