Uniting The Earth [Leg 2 Departure @N/A

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What is this event?

This event is a series of flights, we will depart from ohare and end at ohare. The legs will be planned so each flight is about 3 hours. Flying the United A320, we will visit every country in the world and a lot of major hubs. Aswell, I will be flying on Vatsim in the A320. (Note, we will depart from the airport that we previously landed at.

Are there assignments?

No! You are not required to fly at all, there will be no gate procedures or flight plans, however full compliance with ATC is required.


Server: Expert

ATC For current leg**
Ground -
Tower -
Departure -
Centers -
Approach -
Arrival Tower -
Arrival Ground -

Current Leg: KCVG-KMIA

Leg 2 Departure

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I could join!

Yea! Let’s fly!!

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@deltaoutofdca Notice, airport change to KCVG

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NICE CHOICE!! But I can’t attend:(

Roger captian

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