United's 777-300ER First flight!

I am so used to seeing this livery on the 767 and 777-200ER! :|
Video from Plane at Paine (Youtube)


Is this your video? If it is, move it back to #real-world-aviation:spotting, but if it isn’t, keep it in #real-world-aviation.

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Nice one…

Awesome, can’t wait to see this in service!

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Beautiful livery on a beautiful plane

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Flying the friendly skies!

I have to say, the United livery looks good on pretty much anything.


Why were the gear doors open on the first approach?

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Hmmm…I’m kind of surprised they didn’t add the curves from the 787 livery for the paint on the bottom. They just went with the classic straight bottom. I don’t know how I feel about that.

It’s because of a gravity test they do to make sure the gear can come down without using power. It’s one of the options available to you in case of an emergency. Once you drop them using gravity you can’t bring them back up during the flight. They test this to make sure the aircraft is airworthy.

Source: Jan’s wisdom he provided me when I asked the same question about the Orange Pride 777. Good to know my brain retains information :)


I have to say, the Continental livery looks good on pretty much anything.


I completely agree ;)

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