United403's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I am working towards the Practical test with IFATC and to gain some practice, I have decided to start a tracking thread! This was recommended by my good friends @Butter575, @Avaitor1, @RagonDragon and @AirCanada11, so I’ll give it a try!

I will open at KJAC in 45 minutes!
Departures will be on Rnwy 19
Departures straight out and Right traffic for pattern work

I am working on pattern sequencing, pattern entries and Departure/Arrivals



So you are opening in about 15 mins? A specific time/Zulu time would be helpful

I’m opening at 8:10MST

0215Z is when I’ll open

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@Butter575 @Avaitor1 @RagonDragon @Klas892 @flyin_hawaiian @EnthusiasticAviation @Thomas_Cunningham @Generic_Flyer @Pilot_InfiniteFlight Join if you’d like

This session is now open

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How long will you be open

30-45 minutes

I’ll be right back. My app crashed

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Why did you send please file a flight plan before taxi?

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For practice

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How am I doing so far

from the communications between me and you, I’d say you’re doing good thus far

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There’s a lot to unpack in this session. I’ll send feedback shortly, but I think a read of the ATC Manual and Guide will be beneficial for you.

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I’m coming in

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@United403 guess who forgot to pack 2 hours worth of fuel?

Hint: The callsign contains lots of “Oscar”

Divert to Driggs

Y’all are giving me a challenge!! I like it

I will be closing in 15 minutes or so

I considered it, but it’d be more fun to go back to the original airport with the TS chaos steadily increasing

not sure I’ll be departing again though due to the pre mentioned chaos, maybe the diversion would’ve been smarter

I also don’t see messages since i minimize my browser while flying, unless I’m actively communicating