United403's 3D Airport Tracking Thread

Well, if you see any DA40s flying around, one of them might be me


@United403, how long is the runway at Driggs?

@Mort it is 7,300

Ok, thanks!

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Keeping this open. Still working hard to give Driggs Airport some much needed TLC!


Brand new airport Gas Station

@Moritz enjoying some plane spotting in front of a rebuilt WarBirds hangar and resaturant

  • Fixed Layering issues
  • Rebuilt the roof

KDIJ Update!
I sent in Diggs for Peir Review last week. To keep the hype up, i figured id share some pictures of the New fire station! Pleass Enjoy

Facing NE

Facing SW


Driggs Update

  • Still in the waitlist to receive Peer Review as many other editors have sent in their airports.
  • While waiting for PR, I have continued to fix snapping issues on buildings and pavements.
  • fixed the airport perimeter fence
  • have been reworking the central hangar home complex to fix innacurieasies.

Will give updates from time to time.


Major Update
The first PR that i mentioned in june ended up not happening because there were many issue with the airport that i had to fix. Flash Foward all summer and now half way into september, i am nearing the ready point for PR again and only have 6 building left to do which are as follows

  • Warbirds Restaurant and FBO
  • West Hangar 13
  • Fire house
  • Idaho industrial building
  • Gas station x2

here are some photos for everyone to enjoy! Please note these pictures represent the WIP version of KDIJ and anything is subject to change.

East Hangar home 1

East Hangar home 2

East Hangar home 3

East Hangar home 4

Central Hangar home complex

Airport Storage complex


Just finished building both Gas Stations

Moritz is chilling next to his ferrari with a Cherry slushy at this SHELL station trying to catch a Black Hawk coming over the tetons

Maybe I’ll add Moritz’s twin to this Gas Station/Car wash 🤔


Do you know when Norfolk (KORF) will be 3D?

Norfolk has been marked “Ready for Release” and will be shipped to your device in a future app update.

Wow ! Never seen a gas station at an airport before haha

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Well Driggs will give you 2 😝😝😝
The north one is also a car wash

Wow, wow, wow, wow!! It’s looking AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see this from a TBM :)

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@Mort Once Driggs is released in a future update… you’ll have almost 100 spawns to choose from 😜

Thank you, I’m a hour away from norfolk (I’m basically 30 min From Elizabeth city CGAS) so norfolk airport means a lot to me

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@member_of_oneworld if you have more questions regarding Norfolk, @ A320_Flyerboy19 is the amazing editor who brought it to life

Oh ok, Tell him i said thank you if you can, I was so mad when is saw KORF was not 3D, if he needs pictures from irl just contact me

After 3 days of work, i have finished the Idaho Industrial building! Passing this milestone means i only have 2 buildings left before driggs is ready for PR #2!
please enjoy the pictures

facing southeast

facing north east