United2's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSTL

Hello, this is my ATC tracking thread. I will only open at St. Louis Lambert Internation (ICAO: KSTL) and Spirit of St. Louis Airport (ICAO: KSUS)

I will also be opening at the airport of my practical some time today.

KSTL Diagram


KSUS Diagram

Airport size restrictions

KSTL - No size restrictions

KSUS - No aircraft larger than B767

Hello, thanks for everyone who helped me out during these. I have my practical on Monday.


Open @ KSTL now. Please stop by and give me feedback.

Do I get bonus flight time if I come around 😜

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Maybe I’ll consider

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@ToasterStroodie thanks for stopping by! Feedback is appreciated.

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Hey there! Thanks for having me come over! Here are my comments.

  • Thank you for the progressive taxi instructions. I was genuinely lost (how appropriate for my display name at the time), and you did a great job realizing that and guiding me to the runway.
  • When clearing pilots for takeoff, don’t forget to say make left/right traffic if they say “Remaining in the Pattern.” That way, they know which way to fly.
  • Your first pattern instruction was fine because you didn’t tell me to make left/right traffic when clearing me for takeoff, so it gave me a good sense of where to go. However, it wasn’t needed later on because I would be flying the same pattern unless I say I want to change runways, or you want me to go somewhere else. Remember, pattern instructions are only used for aircraft remaining in the pattern if they request a runway change! Otherwise, just sequence (if needed) and clear.
  • When the JetStar called inbound on the ILS, you would need to give them a pattern entry before clearing them, since there was no Approach frequency to actually clear them for the ILS. Their inbound call was wrong, and the controller should adhere to the appropriate method of dealing with inbound aircraft at the time, regardless of how aircraft called in. That said, what you did would have been correct if there was Approach that cleared JetStar for the ILS Approach.
  • When I requested the runway change, you did well giving me a pattern instruction. However, you directly cleared me as number two for the option. You have to sequence me to follow JetStar first before clearing me (at the time, the appropriate sequencing would have been “Number two, traffic to follow is on final” and then you would say “Number 2, cleared for the option, make left traffic.” Remember to tell aircraft whether to make left/right traffic when they’re going to a new runway!
  • Good job catching your mistake when I said “Full Stop!”
  • I personally didn’t feel like you needed to tell the JetStar to expedite, since I was 4nm out and going quite slow.
  • Lastly, no need to re-clear me for the option as number 1. One clearance is enough.

That’s all I’ve got, let me know if you have any questions or would like clarifications! Now how about them extra flight hours 😁

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Thanks for the feedback! Right/Left instructions are not needed. Also, whenever a plane lands you need to re-sequence so as not to confuse. Thanks for the tips. Idk if I can give u a multiplier I will ask Blake.

Hey there, I think there’s some confusion about sequencing and pattern clearances. Left or right traffic is to be used when clearing for takeoff for pattern aircraft. You DON’T use it after that, when you’re clearing for the option, UNLESS a new runway is assigned/requested by the aircraft. Resequencing and reclearing are two different things. Resequencing is “number x, traffic to follow is at position x.” You re-cleared me instead of resequencing. You don’t need to be recleared after a resequence.

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Ok, I see what you are saying now. Thanks.

I will be open @ KSTL for about 30 minutes

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Thanks @sqeezelemon and @Jet_Airways_995 for stopping by. Feedback is appreciated.


I had come with the callsign VT-JEL. Here are some tips I would have for you:

  • You can anticipate runway crossings and clear aircrafts to cross the runway before they request it.

  • A pattern entry isn’t required after every touch and go. You should give them for runway changes though.

  • After a runway change, you should mention the pattern direction they must fly while clearing them for the option (Cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic).

  • “I’ll call your base” for ETVA004 wasn’t really necessary.

  • I didn’t receive a runway exit command. Try to give them when the aircraft reaches around 60 knots.

  • You don’t need to wait for the aircraft to request frequency change after missing the exit command, you can directly issue it.

No other issues for me, hope this was helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback. Was taking my puppy out near the end so I messed up a bit. I did I’ll call your base so he wouldn’t go over you.

Yes, it’s good you were proactive! That wasn’t very likely since I was on a 3NM final. Good call though.

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Open @ KSUS now

Hello, I wrote it on Ethiopian Virtual slack, but I think I should also duplicate it to here.

  1. Pattern entry is not needed if the plane is remaining in the pattern and runaways aren’t changed.
  2. I was a bit close to VT-JEL when I took off. “I’ll call your upwind” or sequence (because at the time he didn’t request runaway change) would have solved that.
  3. You didn’t tell me which runaway to expect on pushback, but other than that everything on the ground was absolutely perfect.

I’m not IFATC, so I can be mistaken, but overall I think you did a pretty good job.

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Open @ KSTL stop by

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Thanks you @EpicNYC04 and @KIND9624 feedback is appreciated. Sorry KIND about telling u to exit while u were in the air.

Open @ KSTL now. Stop by!

I will be there

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