United2’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSTL

To all people waiting for new update come join in a do some pattern work


On my way ;)

See you there

My feedback!
Thanks for the controlling today!

  • first things first i don’t know why you cleared me for immediate takeoff, tbh it wasn’t needed maybe you just accidentally hit that button haha. But don’t use that unless someone is on final or a plane is close lol

  • also when you cleared me for the option when I asked for runway change add left/right traffic the first time because I didn’t know what traffic to use ;) but then you fixed your mistake when I was on final so I guess I forgive you lol

  • it doesn’t matter that much but maybe clear me for the option earlier then you did. I like to clear people when they are on beginning of downwind! Just a suggestion;)

  • I also noticed you had some connection problems, not to big of a deal in this case but hopefully it’s not always like that… some people might get bothered by you always going off and on haha! But sometimes that is just how it has to be!!

And that frontier flight was so lazy and didn’t listen… I know how you feel with people like that lol

Other then that, Fantastic Atc work, I just passed my IFATC written and I take my Practical tomorrow ;) so I hope to see you again soon!!


Thanks for the feedback

Also have practical test in 2days

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May want to mark that you’re closed :)

Just thought I’d jump in here. If he’s given you a pattern entry after a runway change he doesn’t need to give you left/right traffic.

Still open at STL?

Oh alright good to know

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