United .VS. Delta

On July 9, 2015 the two most major airlines Delta and United will go on a head to head battle. If you favor either of these airlines represent. The airlines with the most representatives will win.

Where-Southern California (Atc Playground Server)The start airport is at the pilots discretion and the destination is KLAX for a group photo.
When- July 9, 2015 from 2:00 to 11:00 EST (The photo will take place at 5:00 at KLAX airport
Why: To come together as a community and have fun

Note: If you would like to be a Controller for the event please be their early to insure that you have a spot

If there are any question comments or concerns please feel free to comment or email me at seedman202@gmail.com

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For the record if we’re talking major airlines, American trumps United and Delta for fleet size.

But AFAIK, I haven’t seen a United fly in for a while.


Long live the DC-9!


I could come in like the second half but GO DELTA. United planes get hacked and the computers get glitched like everyday.

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United all day😉

As for me its United all the way. I think Jeff Smisek would be happy about that. Come on Lets show who’s boss

i just read about that

DELTA all the way!! Just to clarify, photo is at 5pm?

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The photo is at 5:00 pm

Will be their without a doubt with United Airlines army

I live on Delta

I will be dear but i don’t know what i will be

I also will be dear United

11am PST right when it starts? Going with Delta on this one 777-200ER.

Hi Delta & United fans!

We are just waiting for the group photo! :smiley: