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Founded in 2018, United Virtual has been striving to provide pilots with the best user experience through providing outstanding realism and providing unique opportunities. Through a variety of events, group flights, discussions, and occasional streams, we’re able to offer our pilots an atmosphere that they’ll be bound to find an interest with. Furthermore, with 2500+ routes, 800+ destinations worldwide, and 15+ aircraft, our pilots have access to some of the most resources provided by virtual airlines. Additionally, through our latest rework and reorganization, we’ve been focused on developing various programs, taking our pilot’s experience as precedence. Such developments have allowed us to release unique and intuitive programs, such as the AVIATE Academy, MileagePlus Rewards, United Cargo, and United Next. With United Virtual, pilots have the ability to truly connect with people and unite the world.

United Virtual Leadership
Position Name
@Drew President and CEO
@Adam_R Executive Vice President and COO
@LongHaulGuy Vice President, Flight Operations
@jetstream_120 Vice President, Digital Technology
@Jacob_27 Vice President, Network Planning
@A320_Flyerboy19 Vice President, Network Planning
@Chopmaster System Chief Pilot
Aviate Academy Leadership
Position Name
@Xx_THE_MAN_xX CEO, Aviate Academy
@Mxrzy COO, Aviate Academy

United Crew

The United Crew, better known as our community members, are undoubtedly what we treasure the most. Without them, our Virtual Airline would cease to exist and therefore, we strive to continue to improve our Crew experience. Whether it be launching a new, state-of-the-art Crew Center or conducting our weekly events, we continue to find unique methods at improving the experience for our United Crew members.

United offers a particularly unique experience through an entirely seniority-based rank system and type ratings, similar to the real world airlines. Aircraft will no longer be directly unlocked by rank but instead by Certification/Type Rating. Our Crew Ranks are completely based off of seniority and also allows for a unique Crew-led community.

Ranks and Type Ratings
Rank Rank Description Requirements
System Chief Pilot Oversees all pilot operations
Base Chief Pilot Oversees pilot operations at their respective hub.
Captain Senior pilot 250+ hours
First Officer Entry-level pilot 0+ hours

Type Ratings

Class 1 Type Ratings
  • B717
  • CRJ2
  • CRJ7
  • CRJ9
  • CRJX
  • DHC8
  • E175
  • E190
Class 2 Type Ratings
  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • BCS3
  • B737
  • B738
  • B739
Class 3 Type Ratings
  • A332
  • A333
  • A339
  • B757
  • B767
Class 4A Type Ratings
  • A346
  • A359
  • B772
  • B77L
  • B77F
  • B77W
Class 4B Type Ratings
  • B788
  • B789
  • B78X
  • DC10
  • DC1F
  • MD11
  • MD1F
Class 5 Type Ratings
  • A388
  • B742
  • B744
  • B748

Our Destinations

United Virtual operates one of the largest route databases in the Virtual Airline industry. With our 8,000+ routes and 20+ aircraft, pilots can unlock any destination with a variety of aircraft to choose from.

Our Fleet

Our Hubs

MileagePlus Rewards Program

To encourage our pilots to stay engaged with the community as well as give perks to those who do, United Virtual is launching the MileagePlus Rewards Program. This program gives pilots continued benefits following their achievements as senior pilots with the Virtual Airline.

Benefits Premier Silver Premier Gold Premier Platinum Premier 1K
Hour Requirements 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+
Permanent Multipler 1.25X 1.5X 2X 3X
Priority Status at Events
Legacy Aircraft and Routes
United Club Membership
United Signature Service

Each varying rank will receive a bountiful number of perks, including event pushback and signup priority, access to certain legacy aircraft, and much much more.

United Club™

The United Club™ provides Premier members with an extraordinary selection of monthly benefits. In addition to monthly benefits, Members can also expect priority service and monthly giveaways.

United Cargo

By partnering with Virtual Cargo Airlines, United Virtual pilots now also have the option to fly certain Cargo Codeshares as well!

United Shop

The United Shop, an online discord shop operated by our United Virtual Discord Bot, offers our Pilots to use their earnings through a variety of engaging activities and events to purchase flight multipliers, limited access to certain perks, etc.

United Next™

Introducing United Next
Modernizing and leading change among virtual airlines.

This program focuses on THREE primary objectives:

  • Increasing Community Engagement
  • Maximizing Operational Efficiency
  • Optimizing Member Experience

With these three objectives in mind, United Virtual hopes to not only improve the experience our pilots have with us but also to positively impact the community by creating unique initiatives that will set the stage for Virtual Airlines to furtherly develop. The United Next Program is also focused on improving United Virtual itself, focusing on our outreach, transparency, and efficiency.

Our mission at AVIATE is to give you, the pilot, the knowledge that will provide the best and most realistic flying experience possible. Through our self-guided courses, you’ll be able to proceed at your own pace with Instructor guidance and learn proper procedures, communications, and much more. Above all, our entire curriculum is modular, allowing Instructors to assign various Modules to personalize each student’s training.

Furthermore, our Aviate Academy is working to partner with other VA’s to give our applicants more opportunities upon completing the Aviate program. Aviate will also be accepting Transfer Pilots from Partner VA’s whom will be subjected to an exponentially expedited program.

Partner Transfer Program

Work in Progress…

Accelerated Process
  1. Knowledge Test
  2. Practical Test
  3. Graduation
  4. First Officer in United Mainline
Standard Process
  1. Knowledge Test
  2. Flight Training
  3. Practical Test
  4. Graduation
  5. 25 hours with United Express
  6. First Officer in United Mainline

The Aviate Academy is a subsidiary of United Virtual.

Star Alliance Partners

United Virtual is a proud member of @StarAllianceVirtual.

Other Partners


  • At least 13 years of age.
  • No more than 30% violation to landings ratio.
  • Must be at least Grade 2.
  • Well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.
  • Access to Discord.
  • Ability to log at least 1 flight per month.
Application Process
  1. Complete AVIATE Academy
  2. Complete Type Ratings
  3. Become a First Officer

Get Started

All applications are done via our Discord server.


Awesome thread! So glad to be apart of UVAL!


Great thread! Looking to codeshare partnerships soon!


Lovely thread you guys! Keep the work going and see you guys in the skies!

~ Benjamin Atic
Türkiye Virtual CEO


Nice thread!

Proud to be your partner and to work more in future with you guys


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This an amazing VA and so glad to be apart of the wonderful community and staff team. So if you are interested don’t hesitate to join ;)

Daniel S.


Amazing thread @UnitedVirtual! It’s such a great VA! I hear the analytics team is amazing 😏


Glad to be part of such a wonderful VA! I joined back in 2019 and nearly 4000 hours of flight time later, here I am! Such a joy flying for UVAL.


Thank you all for the kind words,

It’s my pleasure to serve. Thanks to the hard work and dedication by our staff, we’re truly making our first steps towards a truly unique and leading Virtual Airline. We strive to excel in the realism we bring to our pilots and with the changes and unique ideas we’re continuing to implement, I believe I can safely say that we’re only getting started.

Many thanks,

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Drew C.
President and CEO
United Virtual


It might just be me but your website link doesn’t seem to be working

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This is such an amazing thread. The details and graphics are top of the line.

I am so happy to be a part of the community in this VA, and incredibly proud to be on the Executive Team that is leading UVAL into a new and exciting era.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a VA, this is your sign to do so 😉 Join us!


That may be. It appears the DNS servers are still syncing… Give it a few hours and it’ll be properly displayed. Truly apologize for the inconvenience there.


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Glad to be part of such a great VA


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Glad to be apart of this great VA!