United Virtual (UVAL) Presents: The Great Windy City Flyout! @KORD 091800ZMAY20

@thenewpilot, what wave?

Wave 2 noot


Can you edit b17 to Lufthansa A350 to Munich , it is a realistic flight😁

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I just fixed it.

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Thanks, nice job so happy all of this came together as planned.

Can I have gate C09 at Wave 1

I believe you @can! (Sorry for the bad jokes…)

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If there are not enough people, we could make it into a ‘drop in and out’ event where you can fly whatever routes you like throughout the day.

Could you elaborate a bit more?

Guys, take this into a PM.

Okay, sure no problem.

Mate, Can I take air new zealand to Auckland please

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Which wave?

wave 2 please And thanks

No problem. Also, you might want to delete one of your responses.

OK mate 👌 and thanks

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Since you are taking the route to Auckland can you make sure to pack with max fuel.

I’ll take this as JETBLUE 6189 with wave 1

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I know mate thanks because new zealand my country is in the middle of now we’re so thanks for reminding me.

Oh it’s no problem.

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