United Virtual (UVAL) Presents: The Great Windy City Flyout! @KORD 091800ZMAY20

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O’Hare International Airport (IATA: ORD, ICAO: KORD , FAA LID: ORD ), typically referred to as O’Hare Airport , Chicago O’Hare , or simply O’Hare , is an international airport located on the Northwest Side of Chicago, Illinois, 14 miles (23 km) northwest of the Loop business district. Operated by the Chicago Department of Aviation[3] and covering some 7,627 acres (3,087 ha),[4] O’Hare has non-stop flights to 228 destinations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania as of 2018.

⬇️ You can read more about ORD here: ⬇️


Chicago O’hare International Airport was chosen for this event, because it has a very wide variety of destinations, that range from the beautiful, mountainous Swiss Alps, to the crystal clear waters of Honolulu. Serving five of the six inhabited continents on this planet, Chicago was a prime candidate for this event. Also, it was chosen because it is a hub for multiple airlines.


Server: Expert Server
Date: 2020-05-09T17:00:00Z2020-05-10T02:00:00Z

NOTAMS: Follow routine departures. I will create a group message a few days before the event so that we can sort out final details (Active runway, Departure procedures, etc.) Please use common sense, do not push back when the person next to you is also pushing back. Follow standard customs, as this is Expert server. If there is no ATC present, be respectful to other pilots.

This event will be in waves. When requesting a gate, please do so in the following format: Gate, Aircraft, Destination, Wave. Down below is the schedule for waves, you can book as many waves as you would like, as long as you can get back to the event in time.



TERMINAL 1 (United, Lufthansa, ANA)
Gate Number Airline Aircraft Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4
B01 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Austin
B02 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 New York LGA @AlphaKilo/@Captain_Batten @Populeux_Music
B03 United Airlines Boeing 737-700 Fort-Lauderdale @AviatorNikola
B04 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Minneapolis @Delta23
B05 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Raleigh @thenewpilot
B06 United Airlines Boeing 737-700 Richmond
B07 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Sacramento
B08 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Albany
B09 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Kansas City
B10 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Hartford
B11 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 San Diego @AmarKoric11
B12 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Nashville
B14 United Airlines Boeing 737-700 Cleveland
B16 All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-10 (Sub 777-300ER) Tokyo Haneda
B17 Lufthansa Deutsche AG Airbus A340-600 Munich @JoeHaddad
B18 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Salt Lake City
B19 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 New Orleans
B20 United Airlines Boeing 737-700 Dallas
B21 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Phoenix
B22 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Atlanta
B23 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Boston
B24 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 St.Louis @Jafet_Zuniga
C01 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Seattle @Fish
C02 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Portland
C03 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Montego Bay
C04 United Airlines Embraer ERJ-170 Washington Regan
C05 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Washington Dulles @ToasterStroodie
C06 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Baltimore
C07 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Las Vegas
C08 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Pittsburgh
C09 United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Denver @can
C10 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Miami
C11 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Orlando
C15 United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER San Francisco @ORD777flyer @Tommy_Dean
C16 United Airlines Boeing 767-300 London
C17 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Houston
C18 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Cancun
C19 United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Frankfurt @RomeoStuff24
C20 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Philadelphia @ORD777flyer
C21 United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Tokyo (HND) @anon57683537 @Declan_Mcgee/@Prerb
C22 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Houston
C23 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Newark
C24 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Vancouver
C25 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Los Angeles @Fasky_eh
C26 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 San Antonio
C27 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 Denver @Owen_Fask
C28 United Airlines Airbus A320 -200 Tucson @texasaviation
C29A United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Honolulu @DanVenezuela @KTJ_Mitchell
C30 United Airlines Boeing 737-800 New York LGA @MJP_27
TERMINAL 2 (United Express, JetBlue, Delta, Air Canada)
Gate Number Airline Aircraft Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4
E01 United Express Embraer E170 Memphis
E02 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320-200 Fort Lauderdale
E03 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320-200 Boston
E04 JetBlue Airways Airbus A320-200 New York JFK @D-AIXI
E05 United Express Embraer E170 Louisville
E06 Delta Airlines Boeing 717-200 Atlanta
E07 Delta Airlines Airbus A321-200 Minneapolis @cptlogue
E08 Delta Airlines Airbus A319-100 Seattle @Jetcentric
E09 Delta Airlines Boeing 717-200 Detroit @Pajd02
E10 Delta Airlines Airbus A321-200 Atlanta
E11 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Oklahoma City
E12 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Greensboro
E13 Air Canada Embraer E175 Toronto
E14 Air Canada Embraer E175 Montreal
E15 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Jacksonville
E16 United Express Embraer E170 Indianapolis
E17 United Express Embraer E170 Erie
F01 United Express Embraer E170 Traverse City
F02 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Milwaukee @Diego320
F03 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Pensacola
F04 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Little Rock
F05 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Sioux Falls
F06 United Express Embraer E170 Des Moines
F07 United Express Embraer E170 Lincoln
F08 United Express Embraer E170 Providence
F09 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Albuquerque
F10 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Colorado Springs
F11 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Grand Rapids
F12 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Burlington
F14 United Express Embraer E170 Birmingham
F15 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Appleton @JarrettFlies
F17 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Harrisburg
F19 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Omaha
F20 United Express Embraer E170 New York LGA
F21 United Airlines Airbus A320-200 Duluth
F22 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Huntsville @Gtmkm98
F23 United Express Embraer E170 Columbus
F24 United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 Fargo
F25 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Fayetteville
F26 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Kalamazoo
F27 United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 Asheville
F28 United Airlines Boeing 737-700 Syracuse @MJP_27
TERMINAL 3 (American, Spirit, Alaska, JAL, American Eagle)
Gate Number Airline Aircraft Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4
G01A American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 San Antonio
G01B American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Pittsburgh
G01C American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Albany
G02A American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Fargo
G04 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 El Paso
G05 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Indianapolis
G06B American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Richmond
G07 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Norfolk
G08 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Aspen
G09 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Sioux Falls
G10 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Sioux City
G11 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Louisville
G12 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Omaha
G13 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Nashville
G14 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Burlington
G14A American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Tulsa
G16 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Appleton
G17 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Syracuse
G18 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Detroit
G19 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Memphis
G19A American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Minneapolis
G20 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Rochester
G21 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Columbus
H01A American Eagle BombardierCRJ-700 Milwaukee
H01B American Eagle BombardierCRJ-700 Cleveland
H02 American Eagle BombardierCRJ-200 Kalamazoo
H03A American Eagle BombardierCRJ-700 Akron
H03B American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Philadelphia
H04 American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Phoenix
H05 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Baltimore
H06 American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Anchorage @WheelerAviation
H08 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Denver
H09 American Airlines Airbus A320-200 Atlanta
H10 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 San Jose
H11A American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Miami
H11B American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Fort Lauderdale
H12 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 New York JFK @ThomasThePro
H14 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 New York LGA @asflightreport
H15 American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER London
H17 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Portland
H18 American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Dallas @Aviation3
K01 American Airlines Airbus A320-200 Washington D.C Reagan @Ben_Sheegog
K02 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Las Vegas
K03 American Airlines Airbus A321-200 Charlotte @Ben_Sheegog
K04 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Newark
K05 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dallas
K06 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Seattle
K08 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Austin
K09 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dublin
K10 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Tucson
K12 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Los Angeles
K13X American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Barcelona
K15 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Las Vegas
K16 American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Athens @RitzRegis
K18 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Tampa
K19X Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Tokyo Haneda
K20 American Airlines Airbus A321-200 San Francisco @DylanCV8
L01 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 St.Louis @adri2007
L02A American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Wichita
L02C American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Toledo
L03 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-200 Fort Lauderdale
L04 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-200 Springfield
L05 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320-200 Las Vegas
L06 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-200 Dallas
L07 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 Seattle @Finnishboy
L08 Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-200 Los Angeles
L09 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 Portland
L10 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-200 Denver
L10B American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Charlotte
L10C American Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 Salt Lake City
L11 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-200 Orlando
L20 Spirit Airlines Airbus A321-200 Los Angeles
L21 American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 Little Rock
L22 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 New Orleans
L23 American Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 Colorado Springs
L24 American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Hartford
TERMINAL 5 (International Airlines, Frontier)
Gate Number Airline Aircraft Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4
M01 Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Auckland @Mr_yellow
M02 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200 Orlando
M03 Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER Abu Dhabi @indraniel
M04 Lot Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 Warsaw
M05 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Istanbul
M07 EVA Air Boeing 787-10 Taipei
M08 Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Dubai @Gtmkm98
M09 SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A350-900 Copenhagen @Pilotcamcam
M10 Air India Boeing 777-200LR New Delhi @MJMN
M11 Air India Boeing 777-200LR New Delhi @BlueKingGaming
M12 Wizz Air (Repatriation flight ) Airbus A321-200 Toronto @Bradgibbs01
M13 British Airways Boeing 777-200ER London @Watt @JayIOM
M15 Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 Doha @vexzty @Sam73628
M16 Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 Frankfurt
M17 Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong
M18 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200 Denver
M19 Swiss Airlines Airbus A330-300 Zurich @Ayush_Mathur
M20 Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200 Phoenix
M21 KLM Dutch Airways Boeing 787-10 Amsterdam

Well, that’s it! I have to give a huge thanks to @Anthony_Williams for coming up with all of the gates, aircraft, and destinations. This is my second event ever, so please, don’t be afraid to make some constructive criticism on what I can do better. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact @Pingu with any questions you may have. That’s it, and have a great day! Hope to see you there!


At wich day will it start?

…Well, isn’t this coincidental?

I’ll take gate F22 to KHSV (Huntsville) in a CRJ-200 . You forgot to place it into the tables, though.

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Could I be assigned this please? Fantastic looking event!

No problem, I’ll add you now. What wave? Same for you, @Ayush_Mathur.

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Wave 4, I’ll take it.

In real life (including delays), this flight takes off at about the time of Wave 4; it is sentimental to me as I have flown it before, it’s the only reason I want it.

Wow I havent flown out of Ohare in months


Good job! It would take me days to list all of those gates!

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Hold on…I was confused. Push it back to Wave 3, please. That’s more realistic.

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Thank you. I’m sorry for being pesterous.

Hey, if you need help promoting this event, I can help. Thanks, -Gtmkm98.

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Yep it took me almost 3 days.

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4 waves??? That’s a bit crazy 👀

3 is surely enough lol…

I’ll sign up at a later point, I’m sure this will go boom in no time!


It starts May 2.

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I’ll noot the gate to RDU in the UA 737

No such thing as too many waves. 😂
@thenewpilot, you got it.

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Thanks for the feedback I’ll try and drop it to 3 waves.

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No, it’s okay. I made it 4 waves so that as many people can come at an appropriate time for them

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Oh okay I understand.