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July 26, 2021, the day United Virtual was waiting for, new staff team, new CEO, a better VA. Our new CEO, @Kenneth_Natal is hard working along the staff team to make United Virtual a United family, making people feel comfortable and welcomed. United Virtual is focused on maintaining professionalism, at the same time offering one of the best and realistic experiences here, in the virtual airline community! Everyday we do our best to strive new heights and achieve new goals, working exclusively just for you!


Today is just not a change from pessimism to optimism, its the start of a new future, the turning point that everybody was waiting for. One step at a time, regardless of what United Virtual’s past looks like, I have managed to enhance the airline’s future. I don’t want to look back, I want to keep myself focused on our present and our future, never stopping to take a look back, always progressing to achieve new heights. I’m focusing on every aspect of the airline, taking all the time required to evaluate and discuss all the needed changes, I want to make the right decisions regardless of how much time it takes, taking the right decisions requires patience and time. With the help of our dedicated staff team everything has been possible, taking the initial steps of confidence and making this , United Virtual turning point.

Soaring New Heights,
@Kenneth_Natal | United Virtual Chief Executive Officer

New Administration

Short time after the old administration was dismissed, our staff worked very hard behind the scenes doing some finishing touches to a newborn crew center to bring something fresh and smooth to our pilots. We thought that throwing away the old and welcoming the new, was the best way to start off with, and we were certainly right! United Virtual is working non-stop behind the scenes to bring a new fresh and well made product that nobody should miss out. We are looking day and night for options that will be a perfect match to our airline, something enjoyable, something new, something big… something epic.

staff team

Staff Team
Username Position
@Kenneth_Natal CEO
@2.cvrlos CO-CEO & COO
@Harmyd Logistics Director
@BhuvanBruh Public Relations
@Butter1 Public Relations
@theprogamereins Internal Affairs
@EpicNYC04 Internal Affairs
@Dubya Flight Instructor
@Dylan.Winklosky Recruitment
@CaptainBaez Recruitment
@Carlos_Camacho Events Manager
@Francisco_Rivera Events Manager


Our staff team have never been so interested on improving United Virtual. Our main goal is to make our pilots feel comfortable in a welcoming platform and program, we want them to enjoy every aspect of the virtual airline without struggling to get from one point to another, and we will for sure work on what ever it takes to get there. We’re currently very settled and complete, but we are still improving every aspect allowing pilots to understand all the requirements, in addition, we’re taking our time to maintain our pilots entertained by maintaining an active discord server. We want to improve this by maintaining a level of professionalism and realism, we can’t wait to share with you guys the stack of new features and changes that we have for you guys.


How can we not think about our new pilots? We have decided to redesign our training program. Our new pilots will be welcomed by 3 tutorials inside our discord server, here, they will learn the basics and acquire more knowledge that they probably didn’t have, making them more comfortable at the time of conducting a check-ride. We want to give our pilots confidence and preparation, and in a blink, they will be flying for the airline they choose to start their career, United Virtual.


Tired of flying in and out of your HUB every single leg? Well, here at United Virtual we do not require our pilots to fly back to their hub, however, we require our pilots to take off from their last location. In case a pilot feels stuck at any corner of the globe and doesn’t feel like flying back or simply wants to explore new landscapes we introduced location changes, available once a week, allows pilots to change their last location to wherever they desire to go, simulating what it is crew deadheading in the real world. We make it easy to fly for us, because you are our number one priority.


So… are you focused on only flying your favorite aircraft type? Well, we have the best option here for you. To be qualified to enter the Career Mode Program, pilots need to be Chief Captains or a higher rank. When upon application to this program pilots will have to select an aircraft and a hub, then a spreadsheet will be sent to the pilot, this will include a schedule with flight numbers, gate numbers, etc. Pilots will have a wide variety of schedules to upgrade and select, including maintenance, charter, cargo, delivery flights, regional or normal mainline commercial flights. This feature will be released soon, this is still a work in progress…

our fleet

Copy of Copy of UNITED virtual

In addition to our mainline fleet we have our extended fleet formed by United Virtual, United Retro and Continental. This extended fleet includes: United Virtual’s A359, United’s Retro DHC8, B744, B763, B772, and Continental’s DC10.


Student Pilot 0-15
Second Officer 15-55
Captain 100-200
Chief Captain 200-300
Chief Captain Premier 300-500
Chief Captain Elite 500-800
Chief Captain Moderator 800+



United Virtual currently is the North America based carrier with the largest amount of 3D Airports as hubs. Feel free to explore every single one of them with our +6,000 routes network, offering coverage to six of the seven continents of the globe.


  • MUST be 15 years of age or older.
  • MUST have an active Infinite Flight Community account.
  • MUST have an Infinite Flight PRO Subscription.
  • MUST have 250 hours or more on Infinite Flight.
  • MUST be grade 3 or higher.
  • MUST have no level 3 violations in the last 60 days.
  • MUST pass the written entry test.
  • MUST be able to access to the DISCORD app.
  • MUST be have a well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.

star alliance

aircanada airchina Aegean-2 ana asiana-2 avianca azul brussels

copa Egyptair elal Eva lot-2 lufty singapore SOUTHAFRICAN-2

suisse tap thai Turkish


aer lingus cargolux dubai virtual virtualblue ups-2 virgin


We would like to specially thank our discord server boosters:

Username Callsign
@CaptainBaez UVAL015
@EpicNYC04 UVAL004
@Tyduz UVAL520
@Delta UVAL596

Also, thanks to @JarrettFlies for the creation of our new crew center.

DISCLAIMER: United Virtual Airlines is in no way associated with the real United Airlines. Everything is owned by us and created personally for our virtual airline, graphics designs and thread by @2.cvrlos

AND UNITED VIRTUAL ALONG IT STAFF TEAM IS READY TO RUMBLE! I’m super happy to form part of this process<3. If any doubts make sure to contact me via Discord Kenneth_Natal#2047!


Great thread. Couldn’t imagine working at another Va. Great job Carlos


Wow, just wow. This thread is so amazing! I was waiting for this one and i’m super happy to see this! I don’t know who’ve make the graphics but he/she is for sure a pro.



Great Thread Mates!
Always innovating :D

We love our partnership. Hope to see more events together.


HR Manager
Miguel Batista


Thank you so much, we appreciate it! I’m glad you liked them!

-Carlos R. (@2.cvrlos)
United Virtual CO-CEO & COO

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Thank you so much! We’re so proud and glad of our partnership! Let us know to plan any events!

-Carlos R. (@2.cvrlos)
United Virtual CO-CEO & COO


One of the best VAs that I am happy to be apart of.


This is a Amazing VA! I encourage everyone to join <3


Best and most fun VA out there!


It’s alive!!! 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉 I cannot wait to see where this VA goes! Although times have changed, and i’ve done unimaginable things to this place, both good and most notably bad, it’s amazing to see this VA back up on its own feet! It’s a blessing to me

I look forward to one day returning to this place, bare the rights from wrongs, meet the wonderful pilots and staff, and come home

-Blake Stephens (Former CEO)


United Virtual will not be a place holding hate or resentment towards anyone regardless of their past. We have passed through hard times since January 2021, but we are trying our best day after day to recover from it stronger than ever.

Nice to see you around,
-Carlos R. (@2.cvrlos)
United Virtual CO-CEO & COO


Awesome thread! We are glad to be partners with United Virtual.


I whant to Aplly

I will definitely be looking at applying in a few weeks! Looks amazing! 🤩


I just did apply :)

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We really need to do another event soon :)


Me too! This looks like a lot of fun.