United Virtual | San Francisco Sunday @ KOAK - 092000ZOCT16

Hey community!

Join us for this week’s United Virtual Event:
San Francisco Sunday Flight http://unitevirtual.wix.com/flight

This week’s event will be United Express only! Hop into your favorite United Express aircraft and take a lovely flight around the San Francisco Region.

The route we will be flying is from KOAK to KSFO with the callsign United067. You can find our United Express aircraft under the Fleet tab on our website. Make sure the livery you’re flying is a United Express one.

The specific route for this event will be shown below. Come to San Francisco in any United Express aircraft! Team up with other pilots for formation flights, ramp screenshots, or to just enjoy flying for the love of flying on Infinite Flight.

Post your amazing screenshots on this thread after the event!

Aircraft: Any United Express

United Virtual Event Hours:
Begin - Sunday 10/9 @ 20:00 ZULU (4:00pm EST)
End - Sunday 10/9 @ 21:00 ZULU (5:00pm EST)

NOTAMS: Follow all ATC instructions (when available). All rules will be enforced.

Region: San Francisco

Server: Expert

Be respectful to everyone who is flying, and most importantly, have fun!

See everyone in San Francisco!

Fly the Friendly Skies!


Hope to see people there!

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Contiii, i am with u, @elisua ??

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Sounds good 👍🏼 Yes.

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Can’t wait!

So it’s on expert?

I think this Event are forget it 🤔.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Yes, it took place on the Expert Server.

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