United Virtual | Release

Keep posted for a major United Virtual event that will be taking place soon!


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How do you put live flight on a wix site?

You have to contact Cameron for that embed information.

Can you sign me up in one of the United slots? I wanna fly in the Lufthansa A346 and I know that Lufthansa and United are Star Alliance partners :)

Nice, I’ll sign you up! I’d prefer that you use the United Airlines livery on yor aircraft for this specific event but, I can’t really stop you.

Rog, I’ll keep that in mind then and decide on the day. Thanks!

No problem!

Can you guys make an exception for the grade 3 requirements. It’s kinda rediculous you have to have 60,000xp to join a VA. Considering Global is about to come out which will bring a whole new fleet of pilots wanting to join a VA. in a way your losing members…

United Virtual | Release , like parking brakes ._. ??

We may consider lowering the standards when global is released but, the whole point of the system we have in place now is to recruit higher level pilots for a more professional flying atmosphere. If you have anymore inquiries please contact me via private message @Blizzard for more information regarding your complaint.

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No, I would think that you would be able to infer what the correct definition of release is with the terminology it’s being applied to.


You’d think…
People not sure of them think…
I don’t think, that’s “realese” like parking brakes 😏

I applied :) would love to join

Thanks for applying! If you are accepted we will get back to you in around a week.

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Our official newly released [website] (http://unitevirtual.wixsite.com/soar)… (Feedback Appreciated)


I like it, I like how all the important tabs are on the home page.

Thanks for feedback! I bet you will like the revamped “Pilot” page as well ;)


I do 😊

What does the 375 -> First officer mean?

Nvm, just got it. It’s how much XP I have to get to reach my next rank.

That means that you have 375 XP needed until you reach the rank of First Officer.