United Virtual Presents Realistic Flyout @ KORD - 071100ZSEP19


Please join United Virtual for our realistic flyout series! This is the second event in the series and is taking part at our hometown hub, KORD!

Fun fact: This hub features 595 daily flights to over 200 airports!

In this event we are using an actual departure schedule. Please spawn at your gate before the departure time to configure your flight.

Photo Credit: Y Denali

Server: Expert

Departing Airport: KORD

Aircraft: Please only use United liveries

Time (This displays in your time zone): 2019-09-07T07:00:00Z2019-09-07T07:00:00Z


All pilots should behave in a professional and realistic matter. This events goal is to provide a fun and professional environment to celebrate the many years of flight service that United has provided.


How To Join The Event:

When requesting to join the event, please include the following information: (UA Callsign)(Destination)

Gates Information:

Source: United

United States - West

Departure 6:30 AM - 11:59 AM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
06:30 AM UA2194 Los Angeles (LAX) B752 B07
06:45 AM UA2166 San Francisco (SFO) B752 C11 @Yankees2509
07:15 AM UA403 Denver (DEN) B752 C38
07:45 AM UA2176 Portland (PDX) B739 C27
07:46 AM UA2192 San Diego (SAN) B739 C17
08:00 AM UA733 Denver (DEN) B772 C20B
08:00 AM UA1846 Seattle (SEA) B752 C09
08:01 AM UA2395 Las Vegas (LAS) B739 C25
08:05 AM UA204 Los Angeles (LAX) B772 B16
08:17 AM UA1740 Orange County (SNA) B738 C15
08:30 AM UA2267 Kalispell (FCA) A320 C31
08:30 AM UA4541 Missoula (MSO) CRJ7 C05
09:08 AM UA769 San Francisco (SFO) B738 B11
10:00 AM UA531 Los Angeles (LAX) B752 B14
10:00 AM UA5628 Grand Junction (GJT) E170 B20 @KGJT-9149
10:00 AM UA5481 Durango (DRO) CRJ7 E04
10:00 AM UA5758 Kalispell (FCA) CRJ7 E12
10:02 AM UA2185 Bozeman (BZN) B738 C22
10:05 AM UA4587 Montrose (MTJ) CRJ7 C01
10:05 AM UA3872 Colorado Springs (COS) CRJ2 E04
10:05 AM UA4528 Albuquerque (ABQ) CRJ7 C02
10:05 AM UA635 Seattle (SEA) B739 B14
10:05 AM UA2019 Jackson (JAC) A320 B21
10:10 AM UA1891 San Francisco (SFO) B739 B04
10:10 AM UA219 Honolulu (HNL) B772 B02 @esant_15
10:12 AM UA1475 Anchorage (ANC) B738 C28
10:13 AM UA725 Phoenix (PHX) B739 C15
10:15 AM UA1590 San Diego (SAN) B739 C27
10:20 AM UA202 Kahului (OGG) B772 B16
10:22 AM UA2178 Sacramento (SMF) B737 B06
10:23 AM UA4558 Missoula (MSO) CRJ7 C08
10:25 AM UA2246 Denver (DEN) B739 C25
10:28 AM UA2390 Portland (PDX) B739 C23 @TaipeiGuru
10:30 AM UA2133 Las Vegas (LAS) B738 B03
10:45 AM UA5814 Boise (BOI) CRJ7 E05
11:15 AM UA859 Denver (DEN) B739 C28
11:45 AM UA310 Los Angeles (LAX) B738 B05
11:45 AM UA499 San Francisco (SFO) B738 C27
Departure 12:00 PM - 4:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
12:45 PM UA5320 Colorado Springs (COS) CRJ2 B08
12:45 PM UA547 Las Vegas (LAS) A320 C26
12:49 PM UA5379 Salt Lake City (SLC) CRJ7 B19
12:50 PM UA775 Denver (DEN) B752 B10
12:50 PM UA549 Portland (PDX) B739 C23
12:52 PM UA810 San Francisco (SFO) B738 B21 @CAKnights09
12:55 PM UA1723 San Francisco (SFO) B752 C11
12:55 PM UA1100 Jackson (JAC) A320 B08
01:05 PM UA373 Phoenix (PHX) A320 B14 @The_Homeless_Dorito
01:10 PM UA241 Seattle (SEA) B752 C27
01:23 PM UA993 Bozeman (BZN) A320 B10
01:48 PM UA566 Los Angeles (LAX) B738 C22
02:00 PM UA222 San Francisco (SFO) B752 C09 @Yankees2509
02:02 PM UA1836 Los Angeles (LAX) B738 B05
03:35 PM UA5807 Montrose (MTJ) CRJ7 E04
03:35 PM UA5967 Aspen (ASE) CRJ7 F23
03:35 PM UA4566 Cody (COD) CRJ7 C04
03:40 PM UA1280 Anchorage (ANC) B738 B04
03:45 PM UA5705 Colorado Springs (COS) CRJ7 F21
03:45 PM UA541 Las Vegas (LAS) B752 B14
03:49 PM UA1502 Fairbanks (FAI) B738 C28
03:50 PM UA592 Los Angeles (LAX) B752 C22
03:55 PM UA1641 Seattle (SEA) A320 B11
04:00 PM UA1603 Phoenix (PHX) B739 C25
04:00 PM UA407 Denver (DEN) B772 C20B
04:00 PM UA387 Jackson (JAC) B737 C21
04:05 PM UA248 San Francisco (SFO) B752 B06
04:05 PM UA395 San Diego (SAN) B739 C17
04:09 PM UA1160 Orange County (SNA) B738 C27
04:10 PM UA1927 Sacramento (SMF) A320 B10
Departure 5:00 PM - 9:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
05:55 PM UA743 San Francisco (SFO) B739 B11
05:56 PM UA765 Denver (DEN) B739 B10
06:10 PM UA369 Los Angeles (LAX) B739 B06
07:30 PM UA411 Los Angeles (LAX) B772 C16 @Eugene_Leybovich
07:30 PM UA5761 Aspen (ASE) CRJ7 F07
07:30 PM UA5691 Boise (BOI) CRJ7 E10
07:30 PM UA1165 Reno (RNO) A320 C10
07:35 PM UA1742 San Francisco (SFO) B772 B17
07:35 PM UA269 Denver (DEN) B739 C18
07:35 PM UA5968 Eugene (EUG) CRJ7 B21
07:40 PM UA3883 Colorado Springs (COS) CRJ2 E12
07:41 PM UA5461 Redmond (RDM) CRJ7 E08
07:45 PM UA312 Fresno (FAT) A320 C25
07:45 PM UA5946 Great Falls (GTF) CRJ7 F14
07:45 PM UA518 Portland (PDX) B739 C22
07:50 PM UA1883 San Jose (SJC) B739 C22 @GlobalFlyer1
07:50 PM UA5267 Billings (BIL) CRJ7 C02
07:50 PM UA262 Seattle (SEA) A320 C26
08:10 PM UA2046 Spokane (GEG) B739 C10
08:25 PM UA750 San Francisco (SFO) B752 C23 @Yankees2509
09:05 PM UA2015 Denver (DEN) B739 C22
09:05 PM UA152 Dublin (DUB) B752 C15
09:11 PM UA599 Las Vegas (LAS) B739 C25
09:12 PM UA651 San Diego (SAN) B739 B07
09:12 PM UA515 Sacramento (SMF) B738 C17
09:15 PM UA5433 Salt Lake City (SLC) CRJ7 E06 @RomeoStuff24
09:17 PM UA483 Phoenix (PHX) A320 B21

United States - Midwest

Departure 6:30 AM - 11:59 AM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
06:25 AM UA5306 Traverse City (TVC) CRJ2 F15
06:25 AM UA5590 Minneapolis (MSP) CRJ7 C01
07:00 AM UA4348 Cleveland (CLE) CRJ7 F04
07:45 AM UA3893 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ2 F11
07:45 AM UA4365 Minneapolis (MSP) CRJ7 E01
07:45 AM UA4693 Columbus (CMH) CRJ7 C01
07:50 AM UA5800 Traverse City (TVC) CRJ2 F21
07:55 AM UA3924 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F16
08:00 AM UA4790 Madison (MSN) CRJ7 B24
08:21 AM UA3805 Fargo (FAR) CRJ2 F06
08:26 AM UA1266 Omaha (OMA) A320 C21
08:30 AM UA3907 Des Moines (DSM) CRJ2 F14
08:30 AM UA3913 Wichita (ICT) CRJ2 F25
08:30 AM UA3689 Detroit (DTW) E170 F27
08:30 AM UA3960 Rapid City (RAP) CRJ2 F24
08:37 AM UA4672 Sioux Falls (FSD) CRJ7 B18
08:55 AM UA4864 Peoria (PIA) CRJ2 F03
08:55 AM UA4849 South Bend (SBN) CRJ2 F07
08:58 AM UA4822 Dayton (DAY) CRJ2 F26
09:00 AM UA4702 Traverse City (TVC) CRJ7 B01
09:00 AM UA5940 Lansing (LAN) CRJ2 F28
09:10 AM UA5767 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ2 F26
09:15 AM UA3964 Grand Rapids (GRR) CRJ2 F05
09:15 AM UA1161 Cleveland (CLE) B739 C23
09:20 AM UA3875 Akron (CAK) CRJ2 F06
09:35 AM UA3978 Moline (MLI) CRJ7 F05 @Bren_McDonell
10:00 AM UA5141 Hancock (CMX) CRJ2 F17
10:00 AM UA3560 Omaha (OMA) E170 E05
10:02 AM UA4814 Sioux Falls (FSD) CRJ2 F09
10:05 AM UA3885 Rochester (RST) CRJ2 F15
10:07 AM UA5645 Lincoln (LNK) CRJ2 F06
10:09 AM UA1660 Minneapolis (MSP) A320 B08
10:10 AM UA3767 Cedar Rapids (CID) CRJ2 F24
10:10 AM UA3878 Green Bay (GRB) CRJ2 F07
10:25 AM UA4204 Madison (MSN) CRJ7 F24
10:43 AM UA5037 Muskegon (MKG) CRJ2 F23
10:45 AM UA4769 Des Moines (DSM) CRJ7 B19
10:45 AM UA4711 Fargo (FAR) CRJ7 B18
10:45 AM UA4677 Bismarck (BIS) CRJ7 B22
10:50 AM UA1505 Rapid City (RAP) A320 B06
11:25 AM UA5363 Columbus (CMH) CRJ7 E10
11:25 AM UA4106 Cleveland (CLE) CRJ7 F23
11:28 AM UA5621 Detroit (DTW) CRJ7 E12
11:30 AM UA5643 Grand Rapids (GRR) CRJ7 F09
11:35 AM UA4768 Flint (FNT) CRJ7 C01
11:35 AM UA4230 Madison (MSN) CRJ7 F11
11:52 AM UA3446 Traverse City (TVC) CRJ7 C03
Departure 12:00 PM - 4:59 PM PDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
12:05 PM UA4840 Kalamazoo (AZO) CRJ2 F23
12:15 PM UA4794 Moline (MLI) CRJ7 B24 @Bren_McDonell
12:33 PM UA5062 Eau Claire (EAU) CRJ2 C01
12:50 PM UA4018 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ7 F10
12:50 PM UA5116 Duluth (DLH) CRJ2 F09
12:50 PM UA3921 Lincoln (LNK) CRJ2 F21
12:55 PM UA4378 Wichita (ICT) CRJ7 F07
12:55 PM UA3710 Minneapolis (MSP) E170 E08
12:55 PM UA3959 Omaha (OMA) CRJ2 F15
12:58 PM UA4773 Rapid City (RAP) CRJ7 B01
01:00 PM UA4841 Des Moines (DSM) CRJ2 F09
01:00 PM UA3935 Sioux Falls (FSD) CRJ2 F17
01:30 PM UA4865 Cedar Rapids (CID) CRJ2 E01
01:30 PM UA3810 Wausau (CWA) CRJ2 E12
01:30 PM UA4872 Green Bay (GRB) CRJ2 F07
02:05 PM UA5092 Saginaw (MBS) CRJ2 C03
02:05 PM UA4815 Traverse City (TVC) CRJ2 E04
02:10 PM UA4659 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ7 C01
02:10 PM UA4837 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F04
02:20 PM UA2240 Cleveland (CLE) B739 C27
02:25 PM UA4604 Grand Rapids (GRR) CRJ7 B23
02:25 PM UA5642 Detroit (DTW) CRJ7 F20
02:25 PM UA905 Minneapolis (MSP) A320 C30
02:32 PM UA3586 Madison (MSN) CRJ7 E08
02:35 PM UA1953 Columbus (CMH) A320 C30
02:35 PM UA4877 Dayton (DAY) CRJ2 F28
02:45 PM UA4725 Evansville (EVV) CRJ7 B22
02:45 PM UA3849 Akron (CAK) CRJ2 F06
03:35 PM UA4313 Lansing (LAN) CRJ7 E01
03:35 PM UA3680 Grand Rapids (GRR) E170 E05
03:37 PM UA3931 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ2 F03
03:37 PM UA904 Traverse City (TVC) A320 B21
03:40 PM UA3834 Peoria (PIA) CRJ2 F07
03:40 PM UA3955 South Bend (SBN) CRJ2 F16
03:40 PM UA3966 Wichita (ICT) CRJ7 F11
03:40 PM UA4071 Cleveland (CLE) CRJ7 F27
03:45 PM UA4525 Omaha (OMA) CRJ7 C04
03:45 PM UA3906 Dayton (DAY) CRJ2 F27
03:45 PM UA4835 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F28
03:50 PM UA3636 Detroit (DTW) E170 C08
03:50 PM UA3790 Appleton (ATW) CRJ2 F05
03:55 PM UA3845 Des Moines (DSM) CRJ2 F16
03:55 PM UA5146 Springfield (SPI) CRJ2 F28
03:55 PM UA3725 Minneapolis (MSP) E170 E12
04:10 PM UA5108 Duluth (DLH) CRJ2 F11
04:35 PM UA4650 Cedar Rapids (CID) CRJ7 B19
Departure 5:00 PM - 9:59 PM PDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
05:50 PM UA4685 Grand Rapids (GRR) CRJ7 B01
05:50 PM UA3701 Minneapolis (MSP) CRJ7 F01
05:50 PM UA3936 Madison (MSN) CRJ2 F10
05:50 PM UA4856 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F23
05:50 PM UA3900 Appleton (ATW) CRJ2 F06
05:55 PM UA5556 South Bend (SBN) CRJ2 F03
05:55 PM UA5654 Detroit (DTW) CRJ7 F10
06:00 PM UA4091 Flint (FNT) CRJ7 F26
06:00 PM UA4114 Green Bay (GRB) CRJ7 F03
06:01 PM UA5089 Fort Wayne (FWA) CRJ2 C02
06:04 PM UA4730 Peoria (PIA) CRJ7 B19
06:05 PM UA702 Cleveland (CLE) B737 C10
06:10 PM UA3613 Columbus (CMH) CRJ7 B22
06:15 PM UA3704 Indianapolis (IND) E170 B01
06:15 PM UA3892 Dayton (DAY) CRJ2 F04
07:05 PM UA5042 Quincy (UIN) CRJ2 F21
07:30 PM UA5698 South Bend (SBN) CRJ2 C07
07:30 PM UA4081 Lincoln (LNK) CRJ7 E01
07:30 PM UA3877 Appleton (ATW) CRJ2 F06
07:35 PM UA4657 Evansville (EVV) CRJ7 B19
07:35 PM UA5122 Saginaw (MBS) CRJ2 C05
07:35 PM UA3788 Kalamazoo (AZO) CRJ2 F17
07:35 PM UA3933 Rochester (RST) CRJ2 F28
07:35 PM UA3823 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F24
07:38 PM UA4869 Sioux Falls (FSD) CRJ2 F10
07:40 PM UA3538 Fargo (FAR) E170 C06
07:45 PM UA3480 Indianapolis (IND) CRJ7 E06
07:45 PM UA3843 Bismarck (BIS) CRJ2 F15
07:45 PM UA4870 Wausau (CWA) CRJ2 F23
07:50 PM UA220 Minneapolis (MSP) B739 B11
07:50 PM UA3450 Columbus (CMH) E170 E12
07:50 PM UA4552 Rapid City (RAP) CRJ7 C08
07:50 PM UA5143 Eau Claire (EAU) CRJ2 F20
09:05 PM UA4603 Moline (MLI) CRJ7 B24
09:05 PM UA5049 Fort Wayne (FWA) CRJ2 F09
09:05 PM UA3806 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F15
09:10 PM UA3498 Indianapolis (IND) E170 E10
09:10 PM UA3753 Omaha (OMA) CRJ7 E05
09:10 PM UA4083 Madison (MSN) CRJ7 F05
09:15 PM UA4806 Cedar Rapids (CID) CRJ2 F26
09:15 PM UA5061 Hancock (CMX) CRJ2 E04
09:18 PM UA4772 Lansing (LAN) CRJ7 B18
09:20 PM UA5041 Muskegon (MKG) CRJ2 F12
09:20 PM UA5038 Duluth (DLH) CRJ2 F05
09:20 PM UA976 Cleveland (CLE) B739 C25
09:20 PM UA3709 Columbus (CMH) E170 F07
09:25 PM UA4812 Peoria (PIA) CRJ2 F23
09:25 PM UA3839 Dayton (DAY) CRJ2 F15
09:25 PM UA4876 Green Bay (GRB) CRJ2 F10
09:30 PM UA2170 Grand Rapids (GRR) B737 C10
09:30 PM UA2056 Detroit (DTW) A320 C17
09:33 PM UA1250 Des Moines (DSM) B738 C11
09:45 PM UA4863 Milwaukee (MKE) CRJ2 F24

United States - South

Departure 6:30 AM - 11:59 AM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
06:00 AM UA1155 Atlanta (ATL) A320 C30 @Leong_Qi_Wei_819
06:00 AM UA5650 Savannah (SAV) CRJ2 F26
06:00 AM UA2043 Houston (IAH) B739 C15 @Boris_Huang
06:05 AM UA654 Orlando (MCO) B739 C09 @UnitedGuy19
06:15 AM UA1825 Norfolk (ORF) A320 B20
06:30 AM UA1533 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) B739 B14
06:45 AM UA1238 St. Louis (STL) B739 C26
06:45 AM UA5721 Charlotte (CLT) CRJ7 C06
06:45 AM UA5083 Asheville (AVL) CRJ2 F12
06:45 AM UA3939 Knoxville (TYS) CRJ2 F03
07:00 AM UA4824 Louisville (SDF) CRJ2 F17
07:45 AM UA742 Fort Myers (RSW) A320 B14
07:45 AM UA212 Miami (MIA) A320 B03
07:45 AM UA753 Pensacola (PNS) A320 C30
07:45 AM UA3503 St. Louis (STL) E170 E04
07:45 AM UA4174 Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) CRJ7 F10
07:45 AM UA3417 Roanoke (ROA) CRJ7 E08
07:50 AM UA2227 Charleston (CHS) A320 B03
07:51 AM UA4726 Bentonville (XNA) CRJ7 B23
07:56 AM UA3829 Nashville (BNA) CRJ2 F15
08:00 AM UA748 Houston (IAH) B739 B05 @DiamondGaming4
08:05 AM UA2326 Tampa (TPA) B738 C29
08:06 AM UA206 Orlando (MCO) B738 C16
08:10 AM UA739 Myrtle Beach (MYR) B737 C19
08:15 AM UA3501 Sarasota (SRQ) E170 F01
08:25 AM UA4823 Little Rock (LIT) CRJ2 F20
08:25 AM UA4744 Memphis (MEM) CRJ7 B22
08:35 AM UA2139 Fort Lauderdale (FLL) B739 B03
08:55 AM UA5988 Panama City (ECP) CRJ2 F10
08:55 AM UA5054 Paducah (PAH) CRJ2 C03
09:00 AM UA3600 Hilton Head Island (HHH) E170 E04
09:00 AM UA3950 Charleston (CRW) CRJ2 F17
09:06 AM UA5375 Knoxville (TYS) CRJ7 B19
09:10 AM UA4017 Cincinnati (CVG) CRJ7 F03
09:14 AM UA1663 Punta Cana (PUJ) B738 C28
09:15 AM UA3803 Destin Fort Walton Beach (VPS) CRJ2 F20
09:15 AM UA2001 Norfolk (ORF) B737 C26
09:19 AM UA3816 Springfield (SGF) CRJ2 F21
09:30 AM UA4691 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) CRJ7 B19
09:30 AM UA4804 Wilmington (ILM) CRJ2 F05
09:30 AM UA2097 Myrtle Beach (MYR) B737 C11
09:30 AM UA3886 Charlottesville (CHO) CRJ2 E12
09:40 AM UA4507 Atlanta (ATL) CRJ7 C04
09:40 AM UA4800 Greensboro (GSO) CRJ2 F04
09:41 AM UA1270 Savannah (SAV) B737 C29
10:00 AM UA4632 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 B01
10:00 AM UA835 Shanghai (PVG) B772 C18
10:05 AM UA776 Orlando (MCO) B738 B05
10:05 AM UA3694 Kansas City (MCI) E170 B20
10:05 AM UA4574 El Paso (ELP) CRJ7 C08
10:10 AM UA4392 Tulsa (TUL) CRJ7 F07
10:17 AM UA4513 San Antonio (SAT) CRJ7 C01
10:19 AM UA2116 Houston (IAH) B739 B12 @AarkonTV
10:30 AM UA1911 George Town (GCM) B737 C23
11:00 AM UA4871 Chattanooga (CHA) CRJ2 F23
11:10 AM UA4874 Huntsville (HSV) CRJ2 F14
11:10 AM UA771 Dallas (DFW) A320 C25
11:25 AM UA4585 Cincinnati (CVG) CRJ7 C02
11:25 AM UA4647 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 B22
11:30 AM UA2167 Fort Myers (RSW) A320 B09
11:30 AM UA2391 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) A320 C29
11:30 AM UA3889 Charleston (CHS) CRJ2 F10
11:45 AM UA3944 Louisville (SDF) CRJ2 F28
11:55 AM UA3911 Lexington (LEX) CRJ2 F21
Departure 12:00 PM - 4:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
12:00 PM UA4825 Savannah (SAV) CRJ2 F20
12:00 PM UA5955 Charlotte (CLT) CRJ7 E05
12:00 PM UA3910 Richmond (RIC) CRJ2 F27
12:10 PM UA5969 Pensacola (PNS) CRJ7 C01
12:45 PM UA4245 Birmingham (BHM) CRJ7 F10
12:45 PM UA3776 Kansas City (MCI) CRJ2 F14
12:45 PM UA374 Houston (IAH) B739 C23
12:47 PM UA3741 Oklahoma City (OKC) CRJ7 E10
12:50 PM UA4070 Memphis (MEM) CRJ7 E04
12:51 PM UA1651 San Antonio (SAT) A320 C29
12:55 PM UA3764 Springfield (SGF) CRJ2 F28
12:55 PM UA4527 Austin (AUS) CRJ7 C01 @Suhas
12:58 PM UA2208 New Orleans (MSY) A320 C30
01:00 PM UA5307 Little Rock (LIT) CRJ2 C02
01:00 PM UA5458 Charleston (CHS) CRJ7 C06
01:15 PM UA449 Atlanta (ATL) B737 B04
01:32 PM UA4692 Columbia (COU) CRJ7 B24
02:00 PM UA2081 Miami (MIA) A320 B10
02:00 PM UA622 Orlando (MCO) B739 B10 @KennethBrodkin
02:00 PM UA3860 Greensboro (GSO) CRJ2 F21
02:00 PM UA4078 Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) CRJ7 F26
02:00 PM UA4717 Roanoke (ROA) CRJ7 B18
02:05 PM UA305 Atlanta (ATL) A320 C26
02:05 PM UA5136 Asheville (AVL) CRJ2 F10
02:05 PM UA3926 Columbia (CAE) CRJ2 F07
02:10 PM UA5381 Knoxville (TYS) CRJ7 E04
02:15 PM UA3784 Savannah (SAV) CRJ2 F20
02:15 PM UA5351 Nashville (BNA) CRJ7 C06
02:15 PM UA1128 Houston (IAH) B739 B07
02:15 PM UA5091 Lewisburg (LWB) CRJ2 F10
02:25 PM UA2027 St. Louis (STL) B738 B05
02:30 PM UA814 Fort Myers (RSW) B738 C22
02:30 PM UA3763 Wilmington (ILM) CRJ2 F15
02:30 PM UA4523 Charleston (CHS) CRJ7 C05
02:30 PM UA586 Dallas (DFW) A320 C31
02:30 PM UA5775 Norfolk (ORF) CRJ2 F28
02:40 PM UA397 Tampa (TPA) B738 B12
02:45 PM UA4670 Cincinnati (CVG) CRJ7 B18
02:45 PM UA3922 Lexington (LEX) CRJ2 F24
02:50 PM UA4746 Louisville (SDF) CRJ7 B24
02:55 PM UA3581 Jacksonville (JAX) E170 C06
03:35 PM UA5547 Bentonville (XNA) CRJ2 F06
03:35 PM UA5298 Tulsa (TUL) CRJ2 F06
03:36 PM UA3700 Birmingham (BHM) CRJ7 E08
03:41 PM UA3688 Nashville (BNA) CRJ7 B01
03:50 PM UA3908 St. Louis (STL) CRJ2 F20
03:54 PM UA3693 Cincinnati (CVG) CRJ7 E10
03:55 PM UA4723 Springfield (SGF) CRJ7 B23
03:55 PM UA4314 Kansas City (MCI) CRJ7 F09
04:00 PM UA4644 Louisville (SDF) CRJ7 B24
04:00 PM UA1195 Austin (AUS) B739 C17 @BadPlane
04:05 PM UA1989 Houston (IAH) B763 C22
04:20 PM UA4629 Columbia (COU) CRJ7 B23
Departure 5:00 PM - 9:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
05:50 PM UA3965 Cincinnati (CVG) CRJ7 F24
06:00 PM UA3740 Jacksonville (JAX) E170 B21
06:00 PM UA2173 Orlando (MCO) B752 C21
06:00 PM UA4518 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) CRJ7 C07
06:00 PM UA3564 Charlotte (CLT) CRJ7 E06
06:00 PM UA3882 Greensboro (GSO) CRJ2 F03
06:00 PM UA4684 Roanoke (ROA) CRJ7 B18
06:00 PM UA1444 Norfolk (ORF) B737 B05
06:00 PM UA120 Charlottesville (CHO) CRJ2 F10 @NathanD
06:00 PM UA3787 Charleston (CRW) CRJ2 F05
06:02 PM UA2205 Dallas (DFW) A320 B08
06:10 PM UA4520 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 C03
06:10 PM UA450 Richmond (RIC) B738 B04
06:15 PM UA246 Tampa (TPA) B739 C28
06:15 PM UA4589 Charleston (CHS) CRJ7 C05
06:15 PM UA3869 Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) CRJ2 F16
06:15 PM UA5518 Nashville (BNA) CRJ7 B07
06:30 PM UA3464 Savannah (SAV) E170 C06
06:30 PM UA741 Norfolk (ORF) B739 B02
07:30 PM UA5393 Oklahoma City (OKC) CRJ7 E05
07:35 PM UA3632 Birmingham (BHM) CRJ7 E04
07:35 PM UA4792 Louisville (SDF) CRJ7 B18
07:35 PM UA4729 Springfield (SGF) CRJ7 B23
07:35 PM UA4765 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 B24
07:40 PM UA4112 Bentonville (XNA) CRJ7 F10
07:40 PM UA4697 Columbia (COU) CRJ7 C05
07:40 PM UA4219 Tulsa (TUL) CRJ7 F21
07:40 PM UA5602 Nashville (BNA) CRJ7 E12
07:40 PM UA5496 San Antonio (SAT) CRJ7 B20 @United_1154
07:47 PM UA4522 Kansas City (MCI) CRJ7 C03
07:50 PM UA1113 Houston (IAH) B739 C21
07:55 PM UA782 Dallas (DFW) A320 C29
08:15 PM UA1261 Austin (AUS) A320 C28
09:00 PM UA3375 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 C03
09:05 PM UA4813 Lexington (LEX) CRJ2 F09
09:05 PM UA3927 Columbia (CAE) CRJ2 F04
09:05 PM UA4074 Knoxville (TYS) CRJ7 F20
09:10 PM UA3448 Atlanta (ATL) E170 C08
09:10 PM UA4667 Louisville (SDF) CRJ7 B22
09:10 PM UA649 Houston (IAH) B739 C27
09:10 PM UA5066 Clarksburg (CKB) CRJ2 F11
09:13 PM UA678 Memphis (MEM) B737 C25
09:15 PM UA5070 Paducah (PAH) CRJ2 F01
09:15 PM UA5428 Nashville (BNA) CRJ7 C04
09:15 PM UA4095 Richmond (RIC) CRJ7 F04
09:18 PM UA350 Kansas City (MCI) A320 B06
09:20 PM UA4536 St. Louis (STL) CRJ7 C05
09:22 PM UA3738 New Orleans (MSY) CRJ7 C30
09:30 PM UA2177 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) B737 B12
09:30 PM UA1937 Charlotte (CLT) B738 C27
09:46 PM UA431 Cincinnati (CVG) A320 B14

United States - Northeast

Departure 6:30 AM - 11:59 AM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
06:00 AM UVAL070 Windsor Locks (BDL) B739 C22 @Blake_Stephens
06:00 AM UA342 Boston (BOS) B752 B23 @AAEagle
06:00 AM UA5837 Portland (PWM) CRJ7 E05
06:00 AM UA2140 New York (LGA) A320 B08
06:00 AM UA5855 Providence (PVD) CRJ2 F12
06:00 AM UA1023 Washington (DCA) B738 C27
06:30 AM UA714 Baltimore (BWI) B739 C18
06:30 AM UA5326 Albany (ALB) CRJ7 F09
06:30 AM UA5619 Burlington (BTV) CRJ2 E12
06:45 AM UA3818 Syracuse (SYR) CRJ2 F07
07:15 AM UA2198 Washington (IAD) A320 B21
07:35 AM UA4771 Harrisburg (MDT) CRJ7 C02
07:45 AM UA4539 Bangor (BGR) CRJ7 C05
07:45 AM UA680 Buffalo (BUF) A320 B20
07:45 AM UA558 Rochester (ROC) A320 C26
07:45 AM UA3904 State College (SCE) CRJ2 F01
07:50 AM UA992 Boston (BOS) B739 B04
07:56 AM UA1272 Pittsburgh (PIT) B738 B11
08:00 AM UA1166 New York (LGA) A320 B19
08:10 AM UA427 New York (EWR) B752 B14
08:10 AM UA381 Philadelphia (PHL) B737 C17
08:55 AM UA593 Boston (BOS) B738 B04
08:55 AM UA3675 Syracuse (SYR) CRJ7 E05
08:55 AM UA632 Washington (IAD) B738 C19
09:00 AM UA1967 Portland (PWM) A320 C10
09:00 AM UA910 New York (LGA) A320 C28
09:00 AM UA3774 Albany (ALB) CRJ2 F16
09:00 AM UA3874 Allentown (ABE) CRJ2 F10
09:00 AM UA3686 Washington (DCA) E170 E06
09:05 AM UA2193 New York (EWR) B739 B09
09:25 AM UA5732 Windsor Locks (BDL) CRJ7 F01 @Blake_Stephens
09:30 AM UA3917 Avoca (AVP) CRJ2 F15
09:30 AM UA1621 Burlington (BTV) A320 C24
09:40 AM UA638 Philadelphia (PHL) B739 C20A
10:00 AM UA3518 New York (LGA) CRJ7 B05
10:00 AM UA636 Washington (DCA) A320 C31
10:15 AM UA2297 New York (EWR) B739 B09
11:30 AM UA4861 Buffalo (BUF) CRJ2 F14
11:40 AM UA301 Boston (BOS) A320 B05
11:45 AM UA609 New York (EWR) B739 C28
Departure 12:00 PM - 4:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
12:00 PM UA582 Bangor (BGR) A320 B10
12:00 PM UA5229 Syracuse (SYR) CRJ7 B20
12:00 PM UA1741 New York (LGA) A320 B06
12:00 PM UA3755 Washington (DCA) CRJ7 E04
12:10 PM UA4367 Pittsburgh (PIT) CRJ7 E01
12:15 PM UA3770 Harrisburg (MDT) CRJ2 F24
12:34 PM UA664 Philadelphia (PHL) B739 C26
01:00 PM UA3716 New York (LGA) CRJ7 C04
01:00 PM UA498 Washington (IAD) A320 C28 @haitianpilot44
02:00 PM UA230 New York (EWR) B739 B06
02:00 PM UA5970 Syracuse (SYR) CRJ7 E05
02:00 PM UA734 Pittsburgh (PIT) A320 B20
02:00 PM UA4809 Avoca (AVP) CRJ2 F11
02:00 PM UA4177 Harrisburg (MDT) CRJ7 F23
02:00 PM UA4852 Allentown (ABE) CRJ2 F27
02:02 PM UA3971 Burlington (BTV) CRJ7 F24
02:05 PM UA578 Boston (BOS) B739 B04
02:05 PM UA616 Washington (DCA) B737 B12
02:10 PM UA3837 White Plains (HPN) CRJ2 F07
02:15 PM UA4665 Buffalo (BUF) CRJ7 B23
02:15 PM UA2004 Rochester (ROC) B738 B08
02:30 PM UA288 Albany (ALB) A320 B21
02:30 PM UA5952 State College (SCE) CRJ2 F27
02:45 PM UA556 Windsor Locks (BDL) A320 B02 @Blake_Stephens
02:45 PM UA3794 Erie (ERI) CRJ2 E15
03:45 PM UA913 Boston (BOS) B738 C23
04:00 PM UA639 New York (LGA) B738 C19
04:00 PM UA645 Washington (DCA) B737 B11
04:15 PM UA1995 New York (EWR) B772 C20B @ZZBossGaming
Departure 5:00 PM - 9:59 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
05:50 PM UA440 New York (EWR) B739 C17
05:50 PM UA843 Washington (IAD) B752 C09
05:55 PM UA790 Boston (BOS) A320 B02
05:55 PM UA336 Harrisburg (MDT) A320 C20A
06:00 PM UA692 New York (LGA) A320 B07
06:00 PM UA607 Syracuse (SYR) B738 C29
06:00 PM UA3822 State College (SCE) CRJ2 F09
06:00 PM UA4834 Providence (PVD) CRJ2 F28
06:00 PM UA624 Washington (DCA) B738 B16
06:05 PM UA3793 White Plains (HPN) CRJ2 F20
06:07 PM UA3543 Pittsburgh (PIT) CRJ7 E04
06:10 PM UA626 Philadelphia (PHL) A320 C30
06:15 PM UA597 Baltimore (BWI) B739 B10
06:15 PM UA4578 Bangor (BGR) CRJ7 C04
06:15 PM UA628 Buffalo (BUF) A320 B12
06:15 PM UA1899 Burlington (BTV) A320 C28
06:30 PM UA2284 Albany (ALB) B739 B04
06:30 PM UA5785 Rochester (ROC) CRJ7 F07
06:45 PM UA418 Portland (PWM) B737 C23
06:59 PM UA442 Windsor Locks (BDL) B739 C09 @Blake_Stephens
07:30 PM UA1223 Boston (BOS) A320 B09 @Alex420
07:30 PM UA613 New York (EWR) B739 B14
07:30 PM UA2029 Washington (DCA) B738 B14 @Boris_Huang
07:30 PM UA2061 Washington (IAD) A320 C27
07:45 PM UA779 Portland (PWM) A320 B05
09:10 PM UA3789 Erie (ERI) CRJ2 F01
09:15 PM UA258 Baltimore (BWI) A320 C22
09:15 PM UA830 Buffalo (BUF) A320 B10
09:20 PM UA640 Philadelphia (PHL) B739 B21
09:25 PM UA1269 Pittsburgh (PIT) B739 C22
09:30 PM UA1816 New York (EWR) B752 C15
09:30 PM UA792 Rochester (ROC) A320 B06
09:30 PM UA2000 Washington (IAD) B739 B20

International - Canada

Departure 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
06:16 AM UA4543 Montreal (YUL) CRJ7 C08
07:45 AM UA2306 Vancouver (YVR) A320 B08
07:47 AM UA5566 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ2 F27
07:53 AM UA5765 Winnipeg (YWG) CRJ2 F12
08:57 AM UA3544 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ7 C06
09:00 AM UA4474 Quebec (YQB) CRJ7 F09
10:00 AM UA588 Calgary (YYC) A320 C22
10:02 AM UA287 Vancouver (YVR) B738 C16
11:47 AM UA3491 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ7 E08
12:43 PM UA570 Vancouver (YVR) A320 C17
12:45 PM UA5516 Calgary (YYC) CRJ7 E12
12:45 PM UA4052 Quebec (YQB) CRJ7 F04
12:45 PM UA5755 Winnipeg (YWG) CRJ2 F09
02:00 PM UA4086 Montreal (YUL) CRJ7 E01
02:02 PM UA3497 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ7 E06
03:35 PM UA1242 Calgary (YYC) A320 C37
03:45 PM UA1216 Vancouver (YVR) B739 B12 @xsrvmy
05:50 PM UA4088 Montreal (YUL) CRJ7 E01
05:52 PM UA5596 Halifax (YHZ) CRJ7 E06
07:35 PM UA1810 Toronto (YYZ) A320 C31
07:44 PM UA563 Vancouver (YVR) A320 B05
07:45 PM UA621 Calgary (YYC) B738 B20
09:07 PM UA4491 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ7 C03
10:55 PM UA4491 Toronto (YYZ) CRJ7 C7

International - Latin America

Departure 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
07:40 AM UA359 Mexico City (MEX) B737 B09
07:45 AM UA1656 Cancun (CUN) B739 B12
08:00 AM UA1120 Liberia (LIR) B738 C25
08:05 AM UA5641 Monterrey (MTY) CRJ7 B01
09:05 AM UA1198 Cancun (CUN) B739 C25
09:09 AM UA1686 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) A320 C30 @mogbog
10:00 AM UA1879 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) A320 C17
10:40 AM UA1659 Cancun (CUN) B739 B14
04:35 PM UA5477 Silao (BJX) CRJ7 C04
07:35 PM UA5588 Monterrey (MTY) CRJ7 F12
09:05 PM UA845 Sao Paulo (GRU) B772 C16

International - Europe

Departure 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
02:30 PM UA944 Frankfurt (FRA) B772 C10 @Lil_Qaz
03:45 PM LH437 Munich (MUC) 346 B16
03:50 PM UA958 London (LHR) B763 C15
03:55 PM UA970 Rome (FCO) B763 C21
04:00 PM LH431 Frankfurt (FRA) 748 B17 @SwedishFlyer
05:55 PM UA909 Amsterdam (AMS) B763 C09
06:00 PM UA952 Munich (MUC) B772 C20B
06:05 PM UA972 Brussels (BRU) B772 C16
06:15 PM UA118 Edinburgh (EDI) B752 C11 @Adam_Goodman
06:20 PM UA987 Paris (CDG) B772 B16
06:20 PM UA907 Frankfurt (FRA) B772 C18
06:25 PM UA931 London (LHR) B763 C11
09:15 PM UA938 London (LHR) B763 C19 @Everything_Matthew
09:20 PM LH435 Munich (MUC) 346 B17 @anon45500775
10:45 PM LH433 Frankfurt (FRA) 748 B16 @Aniket_Joglekar

International - Bahamas

Departure 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
07:50 AM UA1146 Montego Bay (MBJ) B738 B17
07:51 AM UA1996 San Juan (SJU) B739 B02
09:00 AM UA1674 Oranjestad (AUA) B739 C23 @Infinite_Qantas
10:06 AM UA1605 Nassau (NAS) A320 C25
07:31 PM UVAL084 San Juan (SJU) B739 B10 @Maliq350

International - Asia

Departure 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
Departure (CDT) Callsign Destination Aircraft Gate Pilot
12:45 PM UA881 Tokyo (NRT) B772 C16
12:55 PM UA851 Beijing (PEK) B772 C20B @Captain_JR
01:25 PM UA895 Hong Kong (HKG) B772 C18 @A350iscool


We are always looking for amazing pilots to join United Virtual! Interested? Apply here!


Established December 5, 2017

A special thanks to all of our staff that make this possible: @Jshnlsn, @Patrick_Gallagher, , @Ian_Mckillop, @athitayan, @GHOST_Heavy, @harmyd, @Planes4life, @Declan_O, @Blake_Stephens, @Pilot_Future, @KennethBrodkin, and @CaptJimiThing


I’ll take this one pls

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Thank you for being the first sign up! You got it!

I’ll take United flight 1883 to San Jose with the 739! Thanks!

(United flies the 739 on this route too/not just the 738)


I’ll have this gate 🙂

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Hi @GlobalFlyer1! Awesome! Signed up and changed the aircraft to the 739 (one of my favorite planes to fly)!

Hi @DiamondGaming4! Thank you very much for signing up!

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I’ll take this flight, please :)

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Sure! Got you signed up. Thanks for joining the event!

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Can I have a gate to Munich LH435?

Honestly, more VA should do


Hi! Thanks for the praise! You are now signed up :)

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Hopefully this goes well like the SFO event!

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I’ll take this one please

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Last time I wasn’t able to attend, but this time I hope to make it :)

Would like to have the gate quoted above, thanks.

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@A350iscool @Captain_JR Thank you both for signing up!


You know the Funny thing is that this fly out is happening on my birthday.

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Could I please take LH433 for Frankfurt.

Also, just one small change: keeping up with the realism, LH437 for Munich departs from B16 while LH431 departs from B17 in the evening for the summer schedule. Currently, it is switched; any chance we could change that?

Thanks and safe flying! 😁

— Aniket

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Can I have United flight 219 to Honolulu, departing at 10:10 AM? Thanks!

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@DhruvChopra Nice! You should do a birthday flight for this event :)

@Aniket_Joglekar Signed up! Thank you for the gate details - switched!

@esant_15 Thank you for joining the event!


I will take this flight please

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Can I have UA 810, the 12:52 to SFO? Thanks!

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