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Can I ask how long may the process take from the day of application until a final decision is made?

Please be patient, it may take several days. Our staff are always busy! 🙂


thanks @Blake_Stephens i just got a position

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How do you make an account on the website?

Please direct to the UVAL slack 🙂


We would like to welcome @Eugene_Leybovich as our new Events Manager! Within only a few months, @Eugene_Leybovich has flown 700 hours and 172 routes showing dedication to UVA! Lets give him a warm welcome!


I’m still waiting to come back to join United Virtual.

Be patient, our staff are always busy!🙂

Please standby with our application Process! The UVA staff and recruiting team have been busy, so your application may take a longer time to either be approved or rejected. We’ll apologize ahead of time!

If ANYONE in the last month has spoken to either @Jshnlsn please DM me about it! Also if you are reading this message @Jshnlsn PLEASE DM ME! The UVA staff team has been trying to get in touch with you, however @Jshnlsn has closed his DMs and has yet to be seen by UVA


We are glad to be part of the below events!


How do you all make the LiveFlight page?


Brandon K distributes the IFVARB ones and Cam gave out the LiveFlight ones but doesn’t any more. You can get Brandon’s once you’re approved. In future though, keep questions not related to the VA to the Feedback and Questions thread.


We encourage our pilots to join a partnered event with NSV and Star Alliance Virtual.

For this event, our pilots will be flying to KEWR in the Boeing 78x!


Hey United 2 months ago I said to you I got second officer and you said keep up the good work soon you will be flying the heavies soon guess what
I’m a captain now I’m flying 787-9 glad to be a part of a wonderful airline!


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